Route 67: A Quiet Road Trip To Explore The Texas Countryside

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You’ve already heard of Route 66 but it’s bigger brother Route 67 is also great fun to take a road trip on. It basically travels from the very bottom of Texas all the way east toward rust belt and ends at the uppermost part of Illinois. It’s one of those routes that doesn’t often get mentioned in movies but no one can figure out why. By connecting the very bottom of the country to one of the highest parts, it bridges the gap between the hot and cold states of America. There’s also a ton of things to do on this route because as you can imagine, the vast changes in culture and history are prevalent. The change is most felt when you cross from the west to the east of the nation and begin to see more forests, snow and larger cities.

Passing the fort
To start off your adventure, begin at the southern point of Dallas, Texas. Take your position at Cedar Hill in the Historic District. It’s around 16 miles down to the southwest of Dallas so you’re already out in the country. Cool, stillwater rivers and the dirt back roads in the hot muggy countryside of this great state are a perfect backdrop to set off from. As you travel up toward Duncanville, you’ll leave the rivers and green foliage and head into a town of 36,000 or so. If you’re going to get some breakfast, now’s the time to do so. As you leave Texas, you’ll pass by Fort Worth which will be the last city you’ll see for some time on this road trip.

Enjoy the weather
As you head further and further away from Texas, you’re going to be arriving in Weatherford. Here you’ll be greeted by the Chandor Gardens where an almost exotic-like waterfall stands. It’s a great place to stretch your legs and lie down to enjoy the sun for a while. The large open green spaces and water fountain slows down the day and eases your nerves. Perhaps now you’re wishing your packed a picnic lunch with you.
On the way back
Way down the road, on your way back on Route 67, you’ll want to get some sleep and just take in the experience of the road trip. Usually the best choice is to head back and either hit McCarney or go a little further to Rankin. It’s a small town of barely 1,000 people but it’s the perfect spot to enjoy your time out in the country. Rankin is a classic American village, where the noise of traffic jams from big cities is a distant unknown. If you’re looking for a hotel near McCamey check out this affordable option. You’re just 19 miles from McCarney so you sight see the Veterans Memorial, the Chamber of Commerce and the Mendoza Trail Museum. 

There’s so much to see and do on Route 67, these are just a few of the things on this classic quiet American road trip. If you really want to see the countryside of Texas, this is how to do it.

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