8 Fun Activities For Rainy Fall Days

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Rain rain go away, come again another day. We can’t control the weather but we shouldn’t let that stop us from having fun. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to go on a damp day or want to have fun at home, here are a few fun activities to keep in your back pocket this fall. 

  1. Cook something cosy
    When the weathers a bit bleak there’s nothing better than the smell of home baking and the promise of a tasty comforting treat. Why not try these Oreo Maple Cupcakes filled with the flavours of fall or fill your slow cooker with a wholesome hearty stew that will make your house smell divine all day long.
  2. Create some Halloween decorations
    With Halloween just around the corner a rainy fall day is the perfect opportunity to crack out the art and craft supplies and get creative creating some Halloween decorations. Check out this site for 40 Easy to Make Halloween Decorations.
  3. Get out of the house and visit an escape room
    Escape rooms are great for rainy days as they keep you tucked away inside. A fantastic activity for both young and old, escape rooms will get your brain working and can keep the family entertained for hours. With a whole host of different types of escape room from sci-fi fun at Turing test escape room to wizardry and fantasy, there’s something for everyone.
  4. Try climbing
    If you’re climbing the walls at home then why not visit your local climbing center and try your hand at bouldering or top-rope climbing. Climbing is a great family-friendly activity and will help you burn off any excess energy, not to mention it’s great fun too.
  5. Have a movie marathon
    Get cozy on a rainy fall day with a movie marathon. Set out blankets and cushions, prepare a whole heap of snacks and binge watch that new series or sequel that you’ve been meaning to watch.
  6. Go puddle hunting
    Although it can be tempting to stay in if the weather is against you if you’re dressed appropriately why not get some fresh air and go puddle hunting. Kids (and adults) love to splash in puddles and so long as you’re wearing the right footwear, why not!
  7. Set up a spa
    A rainy day is a great excuse to take some time out and have some me time. Set up a pamper station with all of your favourite things, run a hot bubbly bath and indulge in those self-care tasks that often get overlooked such as exfoliating, painting your nails or using a face mask.
  8. Get organized
    This may not be everyone’s idea of fun but a rainy day is the perfect time to channel your inner Marie Kondo and get your ducks in a row, you may even be surprised at how fun and addictive this can be. A good place to start is in your bedroom, have a good sort through those summer clothes and decide what to put away until next year. 

What else would you add to this list? 

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