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How Often Should Things Be Cleaned?

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Cleaning your house is an important job you have to do when you become a homeowner. As a new homeowner, it may take you some time to get into a routine with your home where you clean it thoroughly and it can take years to really get into the flow of things. 

Today we want to talk about cleaning the home and specifically how often we should be cleaning different parts of the home. One of the biggest challenges as a new homeowner is knowing how often we need to clean our appliances and furnishings and this is why we are here today to help. 

Here are some simple home jobs and how often you should do them. 

The oven 

Cleaning the oven deeply is a huge job, and one which many of us but industrial strength cleaner for. Cleaning the oven is important now and again because this is a place that can become covered in grime and grease from our food and needs to be kept sanitary for the safety of us and our family.

You should ideally be cleaning the oven properly once a month, and you can do a deep chemical clean every 6 months or so to really bring it home. There is a simple remedy for cleaning tough grease off the oven using baking powder and vinegar. Cover your oven with baking powder and then pour over vinegar and leave overnight. The next morning a lot of those tough stains should simply wipe away. 

Your bedding 

Bedding is a bone of contention for many of us with how often we should clean it – and it seems like there just isn’t a simple answer. In winter you can get away with cleaning your bedding every 2 weeks, but in the summer you should consider cleaning your bedding every week to combat that stale sweat smell.

If your washing machine is large enough you can even get away with washing your duvet with the cover still on and hanging it out to dry in the garden! 

Your cupboards 

Your cupboards in the kitchen can easily be forgotten about simply because they are covered in tins and food and cannot be seen. However, you should be cleaning your food cupboards with antibacterial wipes once a month to keep them hygienic and ensure there aren’t any rings from your bottles and jars. If you don’t do this you may have to call a pest company to control and take care of your mite infestation! 

The toilet 

Your toilet is one of the most important parts of the home to keep clean because it is one of the places that gets the dirtiest. You should bleach and deep clean your toilet at least once a week and also wipe it down every few days to keep it clean and sanitary. Always use a toilet brush for messy accidents and be sure to invest in some toilet specific bleach to give the bowl a minty fresh smell. 


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