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How To Give Your Family Computer A New Lease Of Life


The family computer, the one that everyone uses can be a nightmare. Having several different people using it means you’ve got different people downloading different things and it can be hard to keep tabs of the memory and to make sure there are no viruses on there. So, when you get a chance to get on there, perhaps once the kids have gone to bed then give it a good clear out and clean up by doing the following:

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Run OS Updates 

Start Windows Update or open up the Mac App Store and check for updates. Then let those updates run, install, reboot, and repeat until ‘they’re all finished when you can move on to doing other things.


Give It A Good Clean

System cleaner software such as CCleaner full crack, which is essential to protect your digital privacy and security. It is also a great optimization and cleaning tool which will help to remove unused files and internet history from your system, fixes system registry errors, protects your privacy and keeps your PC run faster and frees up valuable hard disk space. 


Install Virus Protection and Anti-Malware

While you probably already have this in place, ‘it’s a good idea to check ‘it’s still in date and ‘doesn’t need an update. If you don’t already have antivirus and anti-malware tools, then ‘it’s essential to get some and make sure it’s in good working order, is updated, and run a system scan, just for good measure. After all, anti-malware is useless if it’s never been updated or used.


Update Browsers and Extensions

Modern web browsers update themselves these days, and usually when you restart when there is a new version to download. But if your family computer has is still using an old version or an outdated browser in the first place, ‘it’s a good time to change this and get a new, up to date browser. 


Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

Whether it’s a Mac or a Windows computer, nothing gives you a better quick experience with your computer than uninstalling OEM crapware and any other applications and services running quietly in the background that you really ‘don’t need. Get rid of them and give your family a PC ‘that’s faster as a result. It’s a good idea to get a copy of Decrap for Windows which is great for pulling out all the useless tools your PC manufacturer decided you had to have, like “support and help” tools that are just links to the support section of their web site. Next, get a copy of Revo Uninstaller, which is an excellent app uninstaller for Windows or try AppCleaner if you have a Mac, and get rid of the rest of the stuff your family members just ‘don’t use. They ‘won’t notice anything is gone, but they will notice and enjoy a faster PC.


Automate Everything You Can

Go through ‘everyone’s favorite apps, settings, and tools, and automate everything you possibly can. Set system updates to install overnight automatically, or during “Quiet Hours,” when the computer ‘isn’t in use. Same for your backups. 


Do Some Speed Tests

It’s a good idea to check out the performance while things are otherwise working and normal. Go on and run a bandwidth test to see if any more improvements can be made. 


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