Social Distancing - 5 Habits for Better Life Style

5 Habits for Better Life Style during Social Distancing

Social Distancing - 5 Habits for Better Life StylePhoto by Jess @ Harper Sunday from Pexels

Almost all of us are staying in since last week. There are many of us whose self-isolation period has been longer. But at the end of the day – it’s better for us, for our family, for our community. So the question of the hour is – “What are you doing at home?”

I bet most of us are sleeping till late, eating lots of non-healthy food, binge-watching our favourite TV shows, watching Corona news whole day or reading rumours or gossips. No healthy activity at all.

Well, it came from personal experience and after looking at what people around me or back home are doing. There are very few who have some sort of routine and many of those are people working from home. And we lazy bums are doing nothing but disrupting their routines too.

In the very first week, I was really motivated to make my lifestyle better and not waste this stay at home opportunity. I was focused to get in touch with my real self, improve my personality, learn a new skill.

But by the end of the first week, people around me started raining on my parade as they were staying home too. Eventually, I fell into that circle where late nights, movie marathons and junk food became a norm.

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Everyone has a devil and angel sitting on each shoulder whispering things in our ears, It just a matter of our preference, who we want to listen to. And, I chose to listen to the Angel!

I knew this is not happily ever after. There will come a day when all of this will end and I will be left behind with overweighted body that will not be able to handle any physical strain. The hard work I did in the last 6 months will be gone into the wind. My mental ability to stay focused will be woosh!! So I decided to took the matter into my hand and set up a routine for my self that works for me, makes me happy and content.

I started following 5 habits from my life before social-distancing with a little tweak.

Initially, it was hard as people around me were doing completely the opposite of what I was doing. 2nd day, I was totally annoyed at my self, at people around me. By the time the third day rolled in I was ready to give up and follow their lead that says, “We won’t get this time back let’s enjoy it, eventually, we all are going back to that hard life”.

But that voice of sense was persistent in my mind and By the time 6th day came, I was full on to the road of a better lifestyle while practising social distancing. And, people around me started changing their ways too and after a week they also started noticing what damage they are going to encounter when it is over.

The Secret of Your Future is Hidden in Your Daily Routine!

Social Distancing - 5 Habits for Better Life StylePhoto by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush from Pexels

Fixed Sleep Pattern: The first thing that threw me off my game was not having a fixed sleeping routine. So the key to achieving whatever I am determined to achieve was going back to a familiar sleeping pattern. But this time I decided to make it bit relaxed. Now, I go to bed every night at 10 and wake up at 7 in the morning. Even if any night, I stay up a bit late I make sure to be out of bed at 7 on sharp with a small nap in the afternoon. I have a fixed Before and After Bed Routine. I stick to that to make sure I am not starting or ending the day on a different note. (Will write about it in future too.)

4 Simple Work Outs for the Self-isolation period (2)Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

Light Workout: Last week I wrote about my work out routine. Now as swimming is out of the question, The other 4 workouts are fixed part of my routine. I do them in the morning and it keeps me freshen and active the whole day.

How to Add Fiber to your diet without trying
How to Add Fiber to your diet without trying (Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash)

Healthy Food: Staying home does not mean we can treat our body like a junkyard and stuff whatever we see around us in it. I cut the number of carbs and fat and added more fruits, healthy snacks in my diet with lots of water and fibre. There is one cheat day to fulfil my cravings but otherwise, I am pretty good at beating the temptation.  Here how to add fibre to your diet.

Weekend Trumpets Feb IVPhoto by DNK. PHOTO on Unsplash

One Read a Day: I love reading. These libraries are closed here in Canada but digital access to the online database makes it easier to read books. So I am reading lots of stuff online. Also, there is a list of bloggers, lifestyle coaches whose articles I browse every day. Next week, I will write about those blogs and websites who are keeping me entertained during this period.

Only Small Dreams with big visions turn into reality.

Since the very beginning, I have always said, no one is the owner of our destiny or what we get in our life except us. So go ahead and use this period to be something that you always envisioned your self. Stay home, stay safe.


PS: Are you guys interested in a weekly challenge. Let me know we can set something up.

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