3 things to keep private

3 Things To Keep Private For A Quiet Life

Want to share 3 things you should keep private?

So if somebody asks you what are the 3 things you should keep to yourself, what would they be?

In our society today, privacy can be a challenge to anyone who wants to achieve it. With the technological advancement and increase use and several social media platforms, it seems everyone wants to build a different life virtually.

With the emergence of the terms influencer and the benefits and advantages it shows people of being one – being your own boss and working without feeling like you’re working, people are desperate to get there– even selling and displaying their life -may it virtual or real.

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I have nothing against influencers (I, for one, am one of them) but there are things you can’t simply share with everyone, or online.

Even influencers or people working which involves the internet and social media deserve a quiet life too. Your work or digital side-hustle may have something to do with the Internet and getting found online, but you don’t have to show everything.

But this post about the 3 things you should keep private talks not only about your digital life but your life behind camera and internet as well.

Well…finding my name online as a blogger, freelancer and writer is already too much for me.

How about divulging every aspect of your life for people to see and know? Rather not.

So here are 3 things to keep private to avoid conflicts in life:

– Future Plans and Goals

one of the 3 things to keep private is your goal
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Not everyone will want to hear about your dreams.

Some people you know might be curious what your next steps are, but you can’t control anymore how they react to what you are working on.

People have always something to say so telling your plans and goals may just jeopardize it or you may lose your interest in it.

You don’t have to keep it a secret and be tight-lipped when somebody asks about your plans, but you can always leave some details about it unsaid.

The lesser they know, the better.

Isn’t it better that you work on your goals first before you tell the people about those plans you’re undertaking for your future?

Not everyone will be happy for you. You may not be a bad person, but no matter how good you are, you just can’t please everyone.

Instead of cheering for you, some will resent you, maybe they would think, your ambitions are too high (and they would hate you for it for whatever reason no one knows), you are not good or skilled enough to achieve those things, or they simply don’t want to have somebody who has achieved more what they have reached so far.

one of the 3 Things To Keep Private is your future plan
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Keeping your plans and goals to yourself can help you avoid:

  • negative opinion from others
  • change of decisions, which I find a real bummer, especially if you were really hell-bent on achieving those goals
  • negative wishful thinking from people who don’t want to see your success
  • pressure

A study even showed that telling your goals will make you less likely to work on those after hearing praises from people. Hearing those praises makes you think you have achieved something big already.

Though it could be good to hear compliments about having those big dreams, telling people about them would put too much pressure on yourself that you must achieve those goals now that people are waiting for the outcome.

For me, it is always better to surprise people with what you have finally achieved.

Your achievements, kindness and good deeds

While tapping yourself after achieving something significant in front of your friends in a jokingly manner may seem quite funny or innocent but doing it in front of people who don’t really know you would arouse feelings of indifference towards you.

Even praising yourself in front of your friends, family and relatives don’t always have a good outcome even if you did it just for laugh. People can be so sensitive sometimes especially if they hear about the success of others and they’re resenting their own life.

How about kindness and good deeds?

I heard it before or read it somewhere if somebody tells you he’s a nice person, you should think the other way around and go in the opposite direction. Chances are, he’s really a bad person.

But come on peeps…who would ever write that on their bio on social media accounts or dating apps?

Maybe people who want affirmation from people or simply conceited ones.

While I may have read those lines before, it didn’t simply suit me well and thought the opposite of it.

So, honey, you are kind? Don’t tell, show it.

Let others talk about your kindness and good deeds instead of bragging it to others and rubbing it on their noses.

Be a role model and an example, and not a braggart.

My choice of words could be a bit harsh but maybe you don’t really intend to brag about saving that shivering puppy (and every pet lover would love to hear that though), but sharing about your charity works makes you the target of people who would use it against you or for their own gain.

So watch your mouth too, sometimes. Not only profanities coming from your mouth can put you at risk or put you at a disadvantage.

3 Things To Keep Private like achievements and good deeds
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Relationship -family and romantic affairs

We all get it – you’re on a cloud nine -you’ve finally found the better half, the missing puzzle, the one who would complete your life.

But it’s not always the best monents that tie couples and families together.

Arguments, discussions and misunderstandings are normal between couples and family and there are always individuals who you turn to when these things occur.

That is good if you have friends with whom you can talk to but sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want it to be or used to be.

3 Things To Keep Private For A Quiet Life: family and romantic affairs
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Your friends may be listening to your frustrations and dramas all the time but it can be exhausting too if you do that occasionally.

Besides if you confide in your friends, they can only hear the side of your story (and will probably only want to hear your side of the story), making your partner the villain in the story.

You love your partner but you can’t tell your friends to love him too and understand the situation. As a result, they could hold grudges for they only believe you and imagine the worseness of the situation.

Your friends also tend to give you false advice that only jeopardizes your relationship and makes the situation even worse.

How about if you used to post on social media which many of the individuals do?

I know some people who do it online and I know you have some friends and acquaintances too who treat Facebook and Instagram like their Dear Diary entry of the day.

If telling your friends about those personal conflicts between you and your partner or within your family is already a big deal, then think about people who don’t know you personally reading your cynical posts online.

In the heat of argument or when you’re angry, don’t say things or write things you can never undo any more. You might be able to delete your cryptic posts or messages online, but you can never change people’s opinion.

Whatever the conflict between you and your partner or within your family, remember that there are things best kept between involved people and the solution to that conflict is within you as well.


Every individual has his own version of the 3 things to keep private and I know some of you would also say financial aspects shouldn’t be shared with people especially online.

If you’re sharing on Facebook or on your blog that you earn a 6-digit number every month, you might be inviting potential threats into your life – burglars or robbers, jealous or envious people and freeloaders.

So for you, what are those 3 things you should keep to yourself? Let us know why.

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