Styling Your House Around A Theme

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We all love a bit of interior design – it’s part of what made us so passionate about finding our own home, and why we like to keep it clean now. But when it comes down to it, choosing a theme and decorating around it can be hard to do. You’ve got to be able to find all the right pieces, and never compromise on the style you’re going for, and the cost can get quite pricey. But that doesn’t make the entire premise impossible.

So let’s make sure that the theme you’ve picked out is one you can design your living room and your bedrooms around.

A cohesive interior design is always going to look incredible! (Credit)

Find a Theme with Life

You want your house to have plenty of life to it, no matter what kind of person you are. You want it to live and breathe alongside you, and have plenty of capacity for change. And that means you need to find a theme that fosters a sense like this – and usually, it’s a theme that matches your personality.

There’s a lot of themes out there – modern, minimalist, mid-century, retro, vintage, Scandinavian etc. A lot of these themes have elements in common with one another, as well as themes such as transitional having something different to offer: there’s a bit of modern and vintage all in one, to make sure a space is never too far on one end of the scale.

Just make sure you explore each theme thoroughly, and know how to pick the wheat from the chaff. And don’t forget, you can mix and match where you like as well!

Choose the Base Colors

Base colors are very important, seeing as we need a foundation to build upon. You need a good color that helps to highlight the theme you’ve picked out, and that requires a bit of thinking… And usually, people will pick block colors to decorate their walls and floors, but you can always mix and match the tones and shades if that orange is too bright or that blue is too dark.

You want something that isn’t too bold in nature, if you’re planning to use features on top of it. You also want something that isn’t too harsh on their eyes, especially if it’s a bedroom you’re decorating. Think about the colors you love the most – could you get them in pale shades? Could you mix them? Maybe you could even have them fade into one another in an ombre look?

Don’t Skimp on the Decor

Decor is very important, and once you’ve got your base, you need decorative clutter on top to really sell the theme you’re going for. Say you like a Southern vibe, whether it be outdoorsy or gothic – something like Cowboy Decor to hang on the walls and keep on the bookshelf will help your living room look like it’s from the front page of a sales catalogue!

Don’t worry, the finished product will be worth this effort!

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