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Removing Customer Friction from Your Online Products

Offering a product or service online is a good way to marry your brand to the concept of convenience – as if anyone can purchase, install, adopt, subscribe to, or book whatever value they require of you in a matter of moments, this process has been seamless, comfortable, and designed with the user experience in mind.

However, this is not something that develops in a vacuum. It takes dedicated work and time to think through all manner of uses to ensure that a seamless experience is preserved. Moreover, it also means working on the areas of friction that could occur.

This might come from keeping close watch on your indexed pages to ensure no 404’s are returned, making sure your promotional code is always the relevant one (and has clearly viewable dates valid from and to), or simply paying attention to customer feedback for seeing where the most common pain points are.

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Removing Customer Friction from Your Online Products

With that in mind, you may wonder how removing customer friction from your online products, without diluting that product, is possible. In this post, we’ll discuss that and more.

Clear, Scaleable Packages, Communicated Properly

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Removing Customer Friction from Your Online Products

It’s important to grade the packages or products you offer in a clear, customizable manner. So for instance, if you offer a set of online services, then break that package into stages where the basic plan provides a certain service, while the complete plan offers it all. This can help your customers understand exactly how they’d like to tailor their package, what services they’d prefer, and from there pay for a more granular service cost. If communicated properly with excellent drop-down menus and simple points, they’re more likely to onboard.

Reliable APIs For Essential Functionality

It can be worthwhile to implement reliable APIs that help ease onboarding time and convenience. For example, a payment API for developers from PayTrace allows your web designers to integrate modern, seamless, secure, and compatible payment measures – think like PayPal but customized for your website, and a means of accepting as many payment provisions as possible. This way, you can customize your API to work specifically for your website, while from the develop side, tools like this can help them format a better, more reliable web.

Live Support Widgets For Immediate Responses

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Removing Customer Friction from Your Online Products

We all know that the days of spending hours on a phone call with a modern business are increasingly over – as more and more companies are leveraging AI chatbots. Here they can grade the scope of your request and offer a better option, from simply directing you to the FAQ section, to connecting you with a live agent, to putting your request in the form of an email to be answered in 24 hours if no one is available. At the very end, they might offer your in-house office number for emergency or client requests. This way, the chatbot isn’t a gatekeeper, but a true helper, allowing your company to filter out most easily-answerable support requests.

With this advice, you’re sure to remove customer friction from your online products, in the best way.

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