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4 Ways to Make Your Home a More Pleasant Place to Live

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Take a look at where you live. Do you feel at home? Does walking through your front door at the end of a long day bring you joy? Is there no place you’d rather be? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then ask yourself why.

Assuming you’re anything like the average person, you spend close to 50% of your life at home. And if you have an average lifespan, that’s nearly 40 years spent inside.

Even some prisoners with a life sentence get less than that. Over the course of your life, you fill this time with daily activities like eating, cooking, sleeping, relaxing with your family, and doing endless housework. And there’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of time in your house, as long as it is a pleasant place to live.

If your home makes you feel happy and calm, then what better place to spend your days?

But if it is cluttered, unattractive, and cramped, then every minute you spend indoors could be harming your mental health. Your living conditions have a huge impact on your mental state: an untidy, shabby, crowded household will make you feel stressed and anxious, while a clean and beautiful home will make you relaxed and happy.

And for 40 years of your life, there’s no doubt about which way you’d rather feel.

So if you want to transform your living environment, now is the time to start. Here are four ways to make your home a more pleasant place to live.

Become a minimalist

The practice of minimalism gets a bad reputation because people often misconstrue what it’s all about. It doesn’t mean you have to sleep on a straw mattress in an empty room with bare walls. It’s about boosting your mental wellbeing by prioritizing the things that add value to your life and casting aside those that do not.

The benefits of going minimalist are numerous. You will feel happier, calmer, and considerably less stressed. You will also spend less time cleaning and tidying, create more space in your home, and save a great deal of money in your daily life. And the best bit: it’s easy.

To start experiencing the benefits of minimalism, the first step is to go through your home and declutter. Your aim is to pare down your possessions by getting rid of anything that doesn’t add value to your life. Be strict with yourself.

Do you really need all those old CDs and DVDs? Isn’t your child too old for all those baby toys now? Is your shoe obsession getting a little out of hand?

Once you get started clearing out your home, the feeling of liberation will soon become addictive, and you’ll end up with several bin bags full of stuff. And don’t feel you have to be wasteful and throw everything out. Donate it to a charity shop or sell it online for a few dollars. 

Now take a moment to look around your home. It will be cleaner and more spacious and will bring you a lot more happiness every day.

Adopt good habits

Now that you have a tidier, freer living space, you need to ensure that it stays this way. Otherwise, you will end up bringing more stuff into your home, and the clutter will build up once again. Incorporating good habits into your daily life is the only way to keep your home in the exact condition you want it to be.

The most effective behavior is to ensure that every single item in your house has its place, to which you always return it after use. This means hanging clothes up before bed rather than throwing them on the floor. It also means tidying up after every meal, washing dishes, and putting them away in the cupboard.

Clear all surfaces before you go to bed, and keep a bowl by the door for all your loose items like keys, wallets, and spare change.

Another behavior you should scrutinize is your shopping habits. If you can’t help yourself when it comes to an online sale, you will end up with a cluttered home all over again.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t treat yourself once in a while, but you should be more mindful about what you bring into your house. Ask yourself whether you really need it and if it will truly bring sustained value to your existence.

Add greenery

Some well-placed greenery is the easiest way to make your home feel more luxurious and relaxing. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, proximity to plantlife has proven benefits for one’s mental wellbeing.

They can also purify stuffy air and add a splash of color to simple house decor. If you’re not particularly green-fingered, there are loads of indoor plants that require very little maintenance and are very difficult to kill. Cacti, succulents, and aloe vera plants are all excellent options.

Make a big change

If you are really not happy with your home, sometimes you need to make a big change. Redecorating your entire house with a new coat of paint is a great option, as you can use your choice of color to create any mood you like. Want to feel calm and tranquil? Use a light pastel shade like pink or blue. Prefer a more upbeat, positive atmosphere?

Then use a bright, bold color like orange or red. Switching hardwood flooring for a lush carpet and adding attractive upholstery and furnishings can give your home a cozy, hygge feel that will make you feel warm and wonderful in the winter months.

If you can afford it, you could even opt to renovate a kitchen or bathroom, switching out your old, tired appliances, for sleeker, modern alternatives. Or with the help of an electrical repair company, some insulation, and a lot of hard work, you could turn a disused loft or basement into a brand new room of your house.

The possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, there are so many things you can do to make your home a more pleasant place to live, from minor fixes to huge changes. Follow these tips and you will soon find yourself more content with what you have.


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