Tidbits: Now With Super Yummy New Flavors

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So you might remember awhile back I did a posting including Tidbits but I feel they need more recognition. Tidbits have become a family favorite and even my husband eats them! They offer a huge range of different products for different diets as well. My husband just adores their diabetic line of products.

But let’s chat about these new flavors that are sure to make your mouth drool and your tastebuds dance with joy. If you know me at all Caramel is my total weakness. I have caramel coffee, caramel ice cream, heck if I could like off caramel I totally would. So that new Tidbits Caramel is my total favorite. It actually tastes just like caramel as these little tidbits melt in your mouth.

Another new favorite of mine is the birthday cake. I don’t know if its because I am a sucker for anything blue but these babies taste just like a party in your mouth…YUMMY! I adore that all of these Tidbits that I am sharing are 2 calories each, so I can just snack away not thinking about it. Winning.

The next flavor took me back to the good ol’ days when I would hang with my grandfather at the fair. He ran the ham stand in Chambersburg, PA. Boy, I miss those days. These Tidbits are cotton candy, and taste just like it. Not to mention they are a beautiful shade of purple, so yeah. I am all about these colors.

All of there amazing flavors are totally wonderful but another classic from Tidbits, I would recommend is the Mint Chocolate. I added these for a bit more color in our little snack try. You get just the right amount of mint with a burst of chocolate. Simply Delish.

I do hope that you check out the new Tidbit flavors and the older flavors as well. They also have strawberry and cookies and cream, just to name a few. Head on over and get your snacking on. Trust me you will love these as much as I do.

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