4 Unexpected Things That Can Ruin Christmas

It doesn’t matter how much you’re planning for your Christmas holiday. Things can go wrong when you least expect it. The secret to keep your cool and save Christmas is to have a plan B at the ready. More importantly, you need to tackle the more common elements that can lead to a Christmas crisis.

Let’s ignore the traditional Christmas meal for now. The best tip experienced cooks can give you about it is to start early with your cooking – in fact, you can even plan most of the elements a couple of days ahead. Instead, you need to focus your attention on the little things that tend to go unnoticed but can make or break the Christmas spirit at home.

Is your Christmas foolproof?

Your house is cold

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All across the country, winter weather can come in a variety of shapes, from romantic snowfall to moody rain. One thing is for sure, even though most people would give anything to enjoy a white Christmas, it’s, unfortunately, something you can’t control. However, what you can control is the way the weather is going to affect your house. From insulation upgrade to heating repair, you need to prepare your house for the winter. The three most common winter-related troubles tend to be a broken or old heating system, frozen pipes and poorly insulated attic that lets the cold air in.

The gifts are damaged

If you’re traveling to your family, you’ll need to face the stress of flying during the holiday. Planes are likely to be fully booked – so don’t expect to get a free seat if you haven’t booked your tickets yet. But more importantly, who says full planes says luggage. The last thing you want when you arrive is to realize that your luggage has got crushed and the Christmas presents inside have been broken. You want to take all the precautions you can and invest in a high-quality traveler’s case. Additionally, protective bubble wrap sheets can also save your gift from irreparable damages!

You forgot about dietary requirements

If, on the contrary, you’re receiving guests over the holiday, it’s fair to say that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Scheduling time for your preps can happen over a couple of days ahead of the dinner, but there’s one essential element you need to sort out before you start cooking and that’s dietary requirements. Indeed, food intolerance, allergies, and diet preferences need to be shared before you start. There are plenty of delicious recipes that can satisfy your family – whether some of your guests are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-intolerant. The secret to make it work? Keep everyone in the loop!

Unexpected guests turn up

Last, but not least, it’s not uncommon to have guests who stay overnight after a festive meal. After all, you don’t want to put anybody’s life at risk on the road in the middle of the night! Nobody enjoys sleeping on an inflated mattress. Accommodating for extra guests is a matter of smart furnishing. A desk that secretly reveals a small bed can be a great addition to your home office, for instance.

Space-saving beds

In conclusion, this year, the Grinch is not going to steal Christmas. But unplanned mishaps can affect it if you’re not careful.

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