I’ll Be Home For Christmas: Silverwood II from Traveler’s Choice

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As most of you know, I have been traveling my rear end off since July, and though I will still not be home for Christmas, we are spending the holiday with my husbands family. Most of you have family that travels for the holiday or throughout the year, and I think I have found the best holiday gift for them. The new Silverwood II from Traveler’s Choice.

I must say that when it comes to luggage, I am a snob! I don’t mean to be that way, but I just am. There is very little luggage nowadays that fits the bill, but I am impressed with the new Silverwood II collection. I was able to get my hands on a sample for this posting, and in person, this baby is a tank. Now, when I say tank, I don’t mean heavy! These things are built to last, and the extra effort that was put into the construction of these is a showpiece.

Just in time for the holiday Traveler’s Choice is rolling out modern Silverwood II and Pomona collections. Both of these offer a bevy of smart seasonal features, including ultra-durable hard shells, expandable gussets, and TSA-compliant charging ports, ensuring no gift is crushed, no ugly holiday sweater is left behind, and no photo opportunity is thwarted by a low cell battery. 

This luggage system not only maximizes space but also provides an intuitive way to compartmentalize presents, bulky winter jackets, and precious holiday party attire, can make packing and unpacking so much simpler. Both of Traveler’s Choice’s new additions offer convenient zippered pockets and dividers that make certain everything, even the mistletoe, has a designated space.

On the top of the Silverwood II you will find a zipper with a little three pad lock. Unless you have that combination you can not unzipper your luggage. Giving you extra security while traveling. The zipper is also manufactured with the purpose of not being easily punctured. TSA-Aprroved!

The biggest feature for me is well, two things really first is the impact-resistant polycarbonate hardshell. This ensures that your items such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, and electronics will reach your destination safely.

The second biggest feature for me is that you can stay charged! This is the second carryon that I had a chance to try out, and I must say that the Silverwood II has blown the other away in this matter. Traveler’s Choice’s new Silverwood II and Pomona collections are two of the select TSA-compliant smart luggage systems on the market, each offering a removable power bank compartment and built-in USB charging port. 

The Silverwood II, available both online and at Nordstrom Rack, is a three-piece hardside spinner collection that includes a 30-inch, 26-inch, and 21-inch upright spinner and is available in Black, Gray and Navy. The Pomona two-piece hardside spinner collection, available both online and at Costco, comes with a large 29-inch check-in spinner, as well as a 21-inch carry-on spinner, and comes in Gray and Navy.

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