Oreo Bombs

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Hey there! I hope that you all are having a beautiful week so far. Today I wanted to share an amazing little recipe I made for the family this weekend. They are not only husband approved but step-daughter as well (and she is an amazing cook). These are Betty’s Oreo Bombs, and I would say that they will remind you of Oreo truffles. 

I made them a bit different than Oreo Truffles as I used the entire Oreo Cookie instead of just the cookie itself. For me “why waste the filling”? These are super easy to make and literally no bake at all. The only thing that does take some time is having them set up enough for you to dip them in chocolate.

How To Make Oreo Bombs:

The first thing you will need to do is gather the ingredients, which is listed below. You will want to crush your cookies. I found it easiest to use a rolling pin since I decided to make these with the entire cookie. I put these into a ziplock bag (36 cookies).

Once they are crushed to your liking add the cream cheese and mix.

Once it is mixed up, simply roll out your balls. You could use an ice cream scoop or just your hands, whichever you would like. Put these into the freezer for 15 minutes.

Lastly, you will want to get your chocolate ready. I used milk chocolate and white chocolate for the drizzle.

Simply roll your Oreo Bombs in the milk chocolate. Lastly, melt the white chocolate and drizzle over the bombs.

I put these back in the fridge for about 15 minutes just to make sure they are set up. That is it!! Easy right??


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