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Love Your Life: How To Enjoy Your Living Space More

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We live in such a busy world that coming home to a living space that you love is vitally important. Here are some tips on how you can make sure that you enjoy your home more…

What Do You Use It For?

First of all, consider the ways that you use your home, and more importantly, the ways that you want to use your home. Some people use their homes as boltholes away from the rest of the world, whereas others see their homes as a space to welcome guests, to entertain, and to have fun. You may live alone or you may live with a partner or with your children. The way that you use your home will define the way that you enjoy it – focus on that, and consider how you can expand it. If you love playing with your kids, consider how you can open up the space to create a playroom. If you love to chill out alone, why not create a cosy den?

What About Decluttering? 

Something that prevents many of us from enjoying our homes to their fullest extent is the issue of clutter. It can be hard to get rid of things that you’ve built up over time – life gets in the way, and sometimes objects have sentimental value, and in the end you often end up with surfaces with a thin – or thick – layer of items that you’re not sure about. If that sounds familiar, it’s time to get decluttering. Instead of going by room, sort out your possessions by category: books one day, clothes another, kitchen utensils another day – and so on. Donate items that could be of use to others and that you no longer need, and be stern with yourself about throwing things away. If something gives you no joy and it serves no practical use, it’s time to trash it.

If you’re really unsure about something and you’re not sure whether you’ll regret parting with it or not, temporarily renting one of the available storage units near you and placing the items in there could help you to envision life without them. Then you can be confident you don’t really need them!

Think About What You Love

When it comes to your space, it’s important to think about the aspects of it that you love as well as the things that you have problems with. If one side of the house catches the sun first thing in the morning, why not add a sunroom there so you drink your morning coffee there and embrace the first rays of daylight every day? It’s easy to think of aspects of your home that are frustrating – not enough storage, needs new windows, why isn’t there an en suite? – but you’ll be happier if you also consider what you love about it. 


Embrace Your Personal Style

Finally, make sure that you embrace your personal style in your living space. It’s one thing to get ideas from interior design magazines and from the internet, but what’s the point if it doesn’t match your personal aesthetic? If you love bold colours but everyone tells you to go minimal, ignore them and go for your favourite jewel tones. If you want your home to look like an adorable country farmhouse, break out that gingham tablecloth. Make your home what you want it to be.

Remember: your home is what you make it.


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