3 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Small-Town Vacation

Sometimes going on vacation doesn’t mean traveling to major cities and other tourist destinations. You can find more comfort and fulfilment by visiting small towns, especially if you want a retreat from your busy life and environment. If you are part of the 36% of Americans who haven’t vacationed in a long while, why not use this time to give yourself a break in a quaint small town? Here are some tips to help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

  1. Determine What You Want

If you’re planning a trip to a small town, one of the best things to do is determine the purpose. There are a few things that you have to consider. What’s the purpose of your trip? It could be anything, whether for relaxation or to visit friends and family. You also have to consider how far you are willing to travel and how you plan on arriving there. If it’s a considerable distance, think about whether going by air or road would be more appropriate. Of course, you must ensure that your budget supports your decisions. 

Another good thing to consider is if you’d prefer to live in a traditional rural small town or would like somewhere that has modern amenities with small-town charm. Rome, New York is a perfect example of the latter, and there are several things to do in Rome, NY, that would make your vacation exciting. 

  1. Ask for Recommendations

It’s okay to create an itinerary for your vacation. That’s a great way to give your trip some structure. But most travel experts will tell you to leave a little room for flexibility. While you might fill your itinerary with fun activities, it can become very rigid if there’s no room for surprises. 

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Social media and other search engines are a great way to find out about great vacation activities. But it’s much more worth it when you ask locals for their recommendations or referrals. Be open to having conversations with the people you would, and they can show you some of the best locations that you otherwise wouldn’t have known. 

  1. Give Yourself a Task or Project

One of the best ways to appreciate your time in a small town is by giving yourself a project. If you have an eye for nature and beauty, you can use your time to brush up on your photography skills and capture all that your small-town destination has to offer. Or you can decide to research the history of the town. You might be surprised to find some interesting stories and historical facts. If you’re into writing, you can use that as your next inspiration for a story possibly. If you’re an outdoors person, why not use your time to go fishing or explore what your small town has to offer. Whether it’s a hiking trail you want to complete or fish for unique aquatic life, you can turn that into your project. 

Are you ready for your small-town vacation? These tips should help you prepare for the best trip of a lifetime. You will return home feeling well-rested and accomplished.

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