Scenic Travel Destinations for Nature Lovers in 2021

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For nature lovers, any opportunity to enjoy wildlife, plants and the countryside makes it onto the list of leisure plans. In 2019, 80% of all US domestic trips were mainly for leisure and sight-seeing. Indeed, reconnecting with nature has been proven to have a therapeutic effect on revellers. Have you travelled to scenic destinations in recent times? If not, try out these domestic and foreign travel destinations.

  1. Finland

Finland is popular among nature lovers due to its Aurora Borealis. It is actually a spectacular display of natural lights high up in the skies. Now, this is the science behind this dramatic display of celestial lights. When the solar wind goes beyond the magnetic field and moves towards planet earth, it comes into contact with the atmosphere. The impact or force against earth’s particles causes a release of energy, known as the Northern Lights. Nature lovers see the Northern Lights as a testament to cosmic beauty. So, if you consider yourself as one, make it a point to travel to Finland. 

These light displays happen from March to April and again from October to November. Therefore, in 2021, put these months on your calendar as you plan your travel must-haves. Besides the Aurora, Finland boasts of landscapes enhanced by snow-covered vegetation. More so, with the Oulanka National park, there is more scenic beauty to explore in Finland.

  1. Tennessee

With its well-deserved popularity, Tennessee has become almost synonymous with the Great Smoky Mountains. Understandably so, this beautiful landlocked US state is home to everything nature you can think about. It has spectacular foliage, wildlife, famous museums, hiking trails, etc. With Tennessee, the list is endless. The Great Smoky Mountain is also home to campsites and recreational centers you will find worth your time and money. Moreover, with its location in the south, you will agree that this travel destination is known for good food too. So when you’re trying to decide where to eat, know that you have many options to hand. 

Dominica is a haven for every nature lover. When you research this Caribbean island nation, you will discover a host of tropical rainforests, hot springs and a host of other unadulterated spots. It is obvious why you’d love to go there. Should you desire to reconnect with nature, Dominica’s natural mud baths, lush landscape, cascading waterfalls, etc. will seal the deal. While there, you should take the opportunity to visit the Black Sand Beach and the green turtle natural preserve. This Caribbean island is also home to sperm whales, and if whale-watching is your interest, you will have a blast. In this place, you will be lucky to spot some whales from the shore. Also considered a diver’s haven, Dominica’s underwater reefs are a sight to behold. Indeed, this island is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret.

Sometimes, the whole purpose of getting away from the familiar is to help you rejuvenate physically and mentally. Scenic destinations are excellent ways to do this while having fun. So, in 2021, when it’s time to go on vacation, consider any of these places.

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