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Three Invisible Things That Affect Your Home’s Resale Value

Planning on selling your home in the not-too-distant future? You’re (rightly) concerning yourself with all the main things that affect its resale value. For the most part, these things are visible and obvious. 

We’re talking about the interior and exterior design elements, the general wear and tear, etc. What if you were told there are some invisible parts of your house that have a huge bearing on what it sells for? It comes across as ridiculous, but it’s true – and here are three invisible things to be worried about. 

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The Smell

It sounds crazy to say the smell of your home affects the resale value. Will it impact your property valuation when someone comes to estimate what it’s worth? No. 

In spite of that, it can mean your house sells for less than you expected. How? Because it all comes down to viewings. When people view your house, they want a great experience. If the home smells funky, they’ll look to get out of there right away. It doesn’t matter how awesome your house looks – they can’t stop thinking about the smell. It will make it harder to sell, so you have to lower the asking price to get someone to crack. 

Combat this by keeping your windows open or lighting candles around the house. Baking a loaf of bread is also a very smart idea. Do whatever you can to incorporate nice smells that actively encourage people to stick around for longer. 

The Air Quality

Yes, the air quality in your home will impact its sale price. Why? Because nobody wants to live in a house that feels stuffy – or that makes them cough and sneeze a lot. Again, you discover if this is a problem during viewings. When buyers start having sneezing fits or complain about stuffiness, it’s usually a sign of bad air quality. 

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Three Invisible Things That Affect Your Home's Resale Value

Counter this by investing in a few things. To start, you should get on the phone with an HVAC services company if you don’t already have a ventilation system installed. This improves air quality throughout the home and is also a great addition to boost the value a bit. Secondly, place air purifiers around the home to filter allergens from the air as well. 

Now, your house will be more breathable and the air is noticeably fresher. It provides a better experience for viewers, which could start a bidding war for your home

The Market Conditions

Completely invisible, yet almost fully responsible for a great deal of your home’s resale value. Market conditions effectively dictate how much houses sell for. When you’re in a buyer’s market, houses sell for much cheaper than usual. Why? Because there aren’t many buyers, yet lots of homes are for sale. The buyer has all the power as every property owner wants their money. 

To stop market conditions from lowering your property’s value, try to sell during a seller’s market. This is when hardly any homes are up for grabs, yet so many buyers are interested. The ball is in your court as you could have the dream property for 10 or 20 different buyers.

Let this post be a reminder that the way your home looks isn’t the only factor when selling for a top price. If anything, it’s the things you can’t see that have a greater overall impact and need to be addressed. 

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