3 Self Care Routine

3 Self Care Routines to De-stress this Festival Season

3 Self Care Routine

We are at the end of the year with a festival season on us. It’s time of the year where the world around is twinkling in the light and buzz of the happiness surrounds us. We have a long list of things to do – shopping for Christmas list, planning small get-togethers for families and friends, few of us will be going on vacation to enjoy the New Year.

Although it’s time to Destress, Being stressed is inevitable.

It’s natural to be under pressure while planning the best time. Cooking, shopping and doing stuff can turn into an errand if we are not enjoying them. So let us go through these 3 self-care routines to remain happy and healthy in this joyful season of festivals.

3 Sel Care routines
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Gratitude unshackles us from toxic emotions

Gratitude: It is easier to be lost in the negativities of the world. So when you are tired, stressed and angry at yourself and your loved ones around you – Think about things you are thankful. List at least 5 things. Write to them. Writing will make it more real and help you prioritize your life. Read here Why Being Grateful can change your life.

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Just a few minutes squeezed into the middle of the day works if that’s all you have

Have a Me-Time: If you are feeling stressed then step away for few hours and do something for your own self like Go for a walk, Book a spa appointment, Pick up your favourite flowers, Have a long relaxing bath, read a book. Having some alone time away from all the worldly responsibilities will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Mediate if you can and control your thought process. When you will bounce back you will be feeling refreshed with new energy. Check out these 15 ideas to have a Me-time!!


Learn to Say No: Being Yes Woman might look like a great idea, but it can have a drastically negative impact on your own physical, mental and emotional health. Learn how to say no. It can be your most powerful self-care tool.

When you work on saying no to others, it’s essential to realize that, in turn, you’re really saying yes to yourself.


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