Top Handmade Home Decor Ideas

Your home is a space where you want to create, explore, and exhibit your personality. It is a space where you want to relax, be comfortable and, be functional at the same time. After a day filled with chaos and hustle, you want to be in a space where you can find your peace and just feel extremely cozy.

Personalized home decor makes the feeling of comfort even more special. Little highlights like a custom pillow that has pictures of your loved ones or a simple gallery wall or a teacup candle will leave you home showering love and warmth.

Here are some ideas for handmade home decor that will make your living space your favorite places

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Hanging flower vase

If you want to add character to your house, little homemade hanging vases of flowers are a great idea. These DIY vases are easy to make and add depth to your place and also watching them grow roots will fill you with joy and fascination. All you need is some sort of support, like a piece of furniture or a window to put your flower vase on.

DIY Quilt décor

You need a piece of home decor that will reflect your personality and style so that your house doesn’t feel unfamiliar and hence a DIY quilt serves such a purpose. These quilts give a warm and comforting effect to the house and blend amazingly well with contemporary décor.  

If you don’t know quilting yet, you can enroll in a quilting courses online. You can coordinate quilt colors and add them to other furniture such as an armchair, couch or you can use it such as rugs or curtains to create a cozy and feminine effect. 

These quilts can be used as a key accessory with antique lamps, a traditional vanity, or abstract art in black, white, or metal frames. A quilt rich in color and texture can harmonize with vintage themes and enriches your home.

Custom designed wallpapers

Wallpapers can do wonders to the feel of the house as they bring along unique patterns and colors to the walls. Adding customized wallpapers to your home can accentuate the overall home décor choice and will reflect your personality. 

All you need to do is allow your personality characteristics to shine by getting customizing wallpaper designs from independent artists. These wallpapers are long-lasting as well as recyclable and add depth to your personal space.

Wooden crate shelf

These unique rustic shelves not only add character to your home but are customizable. You can transform these wooden crates beyond their intended use to something like crates for storage or create storage lockers, white crates for bathroom items, wooden crates outdoor bar, coffee table, and much more such stuff. All you need is to get a bit more creative and then start your DIY projects.

Pressed plant frames

Pressed and preserved flowers or plant farms not only add the beauty of the garden indoors but also add aesthetics to your space. They have a very calming effect, which you can enjoy for years to come.


Introducing meaningful handmade home décor into your space is something that will distinguish your house from a home. They will transform your personal space and will enrich your home’s interior. Home decor brings happiness and adds personality to your space, which brings a sense of familiarity to your house.  

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