Getting Over the Fear of Starting New Things

Getting Over the Fear of Starting New Things

Focus on your end goal and where you will be once you achieve it.

“Think about what you will be like when you finally make it. What will your life be like? What will your day-to-day be like?” – Tony Robbins

We often set goals, but don’t focus on the end goal and how we would feel once we achieve it. This is a mistake because the moment where we finally reach our goal is the most important step in achieving success. To successfully reach our goals, we need to visualize ourselves when we have achieved them. And then focus on three things: how our life will change, who else’s lives will change because of us reaching out goal and what impact will that have had in the world?

Track your progress and celebrate achievements you’ve made, no matter how small they may be!

Your achievements are important, and you should celebrate them.

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If you want to increase your productivity then it is vital that you track your progress and celebrate your achievements. You should always be working to achieve more and better results in everything that you do. In order to do this, it is important that you keep track of what you have already achieved and make note of what needs improvement so that the next time around will be even better.

Celebrating our achievements is important because it gives us a sense of accomplishment. It’s also good for our self-esteem because we feel good about what we have done which can help us to continue to push forward and continue on our path towards success.

Get the support of others who have gone through a similar experience (e.g., friends, family, etc.)

Sharing your thoughts can help you heal.

It is always better to share your feelings with someone who has gone through a similar experience. It can be a friend, family or even a counselor. There is no shame in admitting that you need the help of others. It may even give you a whole new outlook.

Re-frame your thoughts and remember that every day is a new day with new possibilities!

The best way to combat this cognitive bias is to re-frame how we think about the future. Right now, 2018 seems like a long ways away. But for people who were born in 2017, 2018 is their entire life so far. So the key is to just start thinking of it as “right now.”

We all know that there are infinite possibilities for what could happen in our lives, but when we’re feeling pessimistic, it can be difficult to remember that there are also infinite possibilities for what could happen in the future. It’s impossible and counterproductive to try and predict everything that might happen in the future, but if you start by just focusing on what can happen in your life right now then you have a much better chance of harnessing your creativity and imagining.

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