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21 Tops Blogs For Women Every Woman Should Know in 2023

Are you looking for top blogs for women to follow this year? Do you want to discover more blogs by women aside from popular ones like HelloGiggles, Cosmopolitan and Corporette?

Whoever you are, you might be a college student or a retiree, this blog post knows no age – you are here because you want to explore inspiring female blogs you want to support and follow.

For this reason, I created a round-up post about blogs for women and about women, which of course quite appropriate for this month in which we celebrate Women’s International Day.

So if you’re into different topics, from travelling to health about women, you’ve landed at the right place.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you buy from my link I might make a small commission. This does not affect the price you pay. See the full affiliate disclosure here.

Sit back and relax, this one’s for you, ladies.

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Top Blogs For Women You Need To Discover This Year

Arianna Danielle

Arianna proves that women can work in a male-dominated industry too. Her blog helps female PhD students in the field of Computer Science and Technology.

Her blog also offers educational and motivational content for applying for, surviving, and succeeding during your PhD.

So ladies, if you’re into coding or want to learn it, you might love to change your profession, you can follow Arianna Danielle’s journey as an expat in London and learn from her tips.

blog about woman in computer science

Thrive at Home Central

If you’re homeschooling your children (especially now during a pandemic), or you’re planning to homeschool your kids, this blog is for you.

Thrive At Home is not solely about homeschooling, it covers working from home too – perfect for work at home moms who don’t want to lose their eyes on their kids.

Do not miss the Working Homeschool Mom Survival Pack and My Self-Care Survival Pack that this site offers.

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The Flooring Girl

Every woman wishes to have a beautiful home, not so grandiose but at least pleasing to the eye.

Whether men admit it or not, women make their home a better place to stay and live.

The Flooring Girl might not be your typical girly pinky blog and doesn’t give you an insight into what to wear when you drink your coffee.

But voila, it provides you with ideas on the right flooring of your home – your family’s sanctuary.

Debbie, the owner of the blog, has her own awesome SEO books too, especially the Easy On-Page SEO.

But hey, we’re talking about beautifying your home, then let’s start with choosing the colour for your home.

Click here and choose your perfect paint colour.

the flooring girl, a blog for women and their home

The Career Mum

Here’s another inspiring blog for fellow women and mothers out there.

When you’re looking for motivation as a mother building your own career or your own business, The Career Mum helps you achieve it with the tips provided on this blog.

The Career Mum doesn’t only cover topics about balancing work and family, it also talks about time management, finance, lifestyle, work relations and many more that all women and busy working mums would love to read.

one of the blogs for working moms
21 Tops Blogs For Women Every Woman Should Know in 2023

Gray Is Gorgeous

If the name doesn’t make you click and find out yourself what this blog has to offer – I will make it easier for you.

Fellow ladies, don’t you love to know how you can age beautifully?

Oh yes. Women can be so beauty conscious in nature, but who wouldn’t want to appear younger than one’s age?

But as they often say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so what this blog offers, helps you embrace your natural beauty and age beautifully without using toxic products – or cosmetics, you name it.

My fellow lovely ladies, if you want to live in a non-toxic way and age well, you should check out this blog.

Check out these freebies too on this blog: The Best Non-Toxic Hair Products for Gray Hair, The Six Non-Toxic Makeup Products Every Woman Needs, Blue-Light Blocking Resource List, Winter-Proof your Makeup Guide, Natural Lash Growth Guide.

blog for ladies who want to age naturally

Early Morning Mom

Pregnancy plays a huge role in women. It requires not only physical strength but also mental stability.

So if you’re a new mom like Christina, the founder of this blog, you would also need support and encouragement not only from your partners or husbands but also from fellow women as well.

You don’t have to be alone in this journey of pregnancy and motherhood, that’s why this blog exists, to give you tips and ideas into the fulfilling life of being a mother.

mom blog

Motivation for Mom

Motivation for Mom is another blog for wives and mothers where you can acquire ideas and solutions about common challenges during marriage and motherhood.

What is so special about this blog is that it doesn’t focus on one person’s point of view and her experiences, but you will find advice, different perspectives and experiences from other moms who were featured on the said blog.

motivational blogs for women

Cool Bean Living

Cool Bean Living blog aims to help women accept and embrace the changes while they develop into midlife.

Ageing is one of the things we couldn’t control; it’s a natural phase every person experiences.

But with the Cool Bean Living blog, you don’t have to be alone in this journey.

With tips and tools on wellness this blog offers, you will acquire the proper mindset as you advance into midlife.

You can also grab the free resources like printables and planners you will find on this blog which all women would love to grab.

cool bean living free resource library

The Wonderful Grace of God

Now, this is not your typical religious website but a site where the creator shares how faith can change one’s life and perspectives.

This is perfect for expectant mothers or mothers already who are striving in the sudden change of being a mother and the responsibilities along with it.

The author’s moving story of struggling with motherhood and mental health will definitely inspire you to learn more about God and have faith in Him.

blog about faith of women and mothers


Being a woman is difficult, so they say, but if you hear that from a mother, you should believe her.

Being a mother is one of the most challenging jobs in the world.

In that case, you need awesome tips and tricks on how to overcome being a mother who is working at the same time.

I’m not yet a mom (at least to a human), but I could understand the pressure.

The good news is, blogs like Waylos exist for this reason.

wayslos productivity blog for women and mothers

You are a working mom and want to keep mom life under control, then you should check out this blog which is full of creative and productive tips that are essential to women, mothers and wives.

You should grab Mina’s Block Schedule Template if you want to be more productive in doing your tasks.

Lemonade + Adventure

Lemonade + Adventure is a lifestyle blog for women that talks about health, fitness, food and travel.

What I find good about this blog is that you don’t have to sacrifice your food craving if you’re such a foodie and love to cook.

But, this blog doesn’t only deal with health and fitness.

If you’re struggling with fears and self-doubt, this blog will help you get through with it.

If you’re curious why the name Lemonade + Adventure, why don’t you snoop around this site?

lemonade and adventure blog

The Pay at Home Parent

Any blog that shares work from home posts is automatically my favourite.

I always visit and follow such blogs and I’m so glad I found another one, The Pay at Home Parent.

If you’re a mom and you’re looking for ways or methods to start working from home, you should visit this blog.

But this blog doesn’t only centre around work at home jobs, but you can learn SEO too.

In fact, Trinity offers free SEO training and since we’re talking about working from home, you should grab her printable about getting your finances in line.

work from home blog

Mums Invited

Are you a new mom or expecting to be a mother soon?

Then you are invited to Mums Invited blog.

This blog aims to help first-time mothers in preparing for childbirth and postpartum.

Many write about pregnancy and childbirth and you don’t know sometimes who to believe and what to follow.

So what Mums Invited does is that they share raw and genuine information when it comes to these topics.

And oh, you might love to grab her free pregnancy scripture cards for baby.

mums invited blog for expectant mothers

Life Worth the Living

Life Worth the Living is another amazing blog for women and mothers that you shouldn’t miss.

The name alone already inspires us to see life in a better light, especially for mothers out there who are struggling in motherhood.

If you want to read encouraging words from a fellow mother, you should visit this blog and connect with Kimberly.

As a busy mom and woman, this collection of printables will definitely help you with your day-to-day tasks.

life worth living is one of the best female blogs women should read

Mentioned By Marli

Being a mother shouldn’t be an excuse for why your taste in fashion tends to fade – a realization dawned on me by visiting Mentioned By Marli blog.

We all get it, moms are one of the busiest individuals on the planet, but ladies, you shouldn’t forget yourself too.

Dress up or shop for dresses and outfits that make you happy and feel valued as a woman.

So Mamas out there, especially those who want to upgrade their wardrobe, you gotta check out this blog for more fashion tips.

fashion blog for women

Your Girl Knows

Your Girl Knows blog takes pride in sharing topics about fashion, beauty and lifestyle for women.

This blog helps you with the everyday dilemmas you face as a woman from taking care of your skin to fashion tips where the author also shares how to be fashionable on a budget.

fashion and beauty blog for girls

Level Up Personal Finance

Level Up Personal Finance blog like its name implies, it helps you to improve your financial status at all levels from budgeting and paying off debts to investment and becoming financially independent.

If you want straightforward and actionable strategies that cater for your needs, you should visit this blog.

You can also grab the Simple Tax Planning Checklist in preparation for paying taxes in the future.

financial blog for busy women to level-up their financial status

My Mommy Heart

My Mommy Heart blog talks about pregnancy, birth and motherhood to help you in this journey and to cope with the challenges of being a mother.

Happened to be a nurse, Tabea, the founder of the blog knows what she’s talking about – she’s a mom and somebody with a health degree.

You can also get her printable checklist for packing your hospital bag for free without even signing up.

mom blog for women and new mothers

Blue World Dreams

When you are a busy Mama, easy food recipes are the best for you and Blue World Dreams blog offers them for free.

But not only recipes you will find on the blog, but you can also find making-money and saving money tips as well as travel ideas.

Through this blog, you can create easy to cook foods while saving money at the same time.

You will also find a weekly meal planner and grocery list, monthly budget template, money-saving challenge templates as freebies on this blog.

Studio by Marlinde

This is another fantastic blog for women who are into entrepreneurship and want some guidance towards the success of being a female entrepreneur.

Studio by Marlinde doesn’t only discuss business, it also tackles topics about blogging and productivity tips.

If you want business and blog e-books plus templates, you can sign up to get them for free.

entrepreneur blog for women

The Blog Stuff

Without visiting the blog, I thought at first The Blog Stuff centres around blogging topics.

But nope, don’t let the name fool you or discourage you, thinking this is another blog about blogging.

The Blog Stuff shares DIY beauty recipes, cleaning and organizing hacks to make your daily life much easier.

And there’s more – Bianca, the creator of this blog, makes DIY skincare and hair care recipes from scratch that women absolutely need.

blog image

Now ladies, you just discovered a lot of top blogs for women that you might not have heard of before, but you can always change that, it’s your call.

While on the subject, what type of female blog do you love to visit and read?

If you haven’t noticed it yet, What Blogs Her Mind is a female blog too, but not exclusively for women only. So men, if you’re on my blog now, you don’t have to leave, you’re also welcome to snoop around.

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