Turmerry The Perfect Spring Comforter Update

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As most of you know I will be doing a roundup post soon as our bedroom oasis will be coming to a conclusion. Today I wanted to share with you an amazing option from Turmerry to update your comforter.

One way you can easily update a room is by changing out your bedding. This is a simple update such as the one I just posted about the lighting update. When spring is here I like very neutral colors so that I can use different throws and pillows with the bedding decor, so I will be changing out my Nautica Comforter for the Turmerry.

Nautica Bedding

The Turmerry Organic Merino Wool All Season Comforter is absolutely the best option that I have seen thus far. Not only does it come in ivory making it simple to use your existing pillows but it is so comfortable. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

These medium weight all-season wool comforters are filled with 100% organic Merino wool, one of the most sought after wool highly prized for its softness and non-itchiness.  Pure wool bedding has been scientifically tested and proven to slow your pulse rate which is a sign of deeper relaxation.

They are encased in an organic cotton sateen 400 TC cover. These comforters naturally regulate body temperature while wicking away moisture, ensuring breathability and restful sleep. Exclusive quilting patterns eliminate the wool batting from shifting.

My first night using the Turmerry wool all-season comforter I slept perfectly. I was not too hot or too cold and the casing is totally amazing and silky. If there was a way for you to marry your comforter I totally would.

Not only that! But, my husband LOVES it. He has to be the pickest man in the world, I swear, but he is digging the naturally regulating and wicking features.


I would highly suggest checking out the Turmerry Organic Merino Wool All Season Comforter. If you don’t like to change out your comforters for the seasons this is a great option as you can use it all year round. The quality alone on this comforter will have you sleeping on a cloud in no time flat.

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