Tips For Making Your Living Room Look Brighter

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When you walk into your living room, do you think the overall room feels dark? This happens to many people and is an easy fix with a number of changes – these changes vary depending on your available budget. Some people opt for hanging items on the wall that can affect the brightness such as mirrors or artwork. Others like to update their furniture to help with the feel – Created Harwood is great for this! Whilst others may opt to bring in some brightness through lights and accessories. The possibilities are endless and that brings a lot of enjoyment when making some changes to your living room. 

To help you with making your living room brighter, we have put the following guide together. 

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Consider your walls 

When trying to make your living room feel brighter, start with your walls. When you walk in, what is your first impression? Have you painted the walls a darker colour? Do you have a lot of empty spaces on the walls? Or do you accessories it with darker artwork? To start with, brighter paint is always a good idea as when the light reflects off of it, it gives the impression of brightness. Consider hanging a mirror on your wall. This can reflect light, helping increase the brightness as well as make a room feel bigger than it is. Take a moment to browse sites like Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration as they are great for this. 

Consider your lighting options 

How is the light in your living room created? Do you use the main lights on the ceiling? Do you have any lamps? Or do you have large windows letting the light in? Lamps are great for adding some light into the corners of the room where light is hard to get. Consider the bulbs you use in your main lights – you can get warmer bulbs as well as colder bulbs depending on your preference. Smart bulbs are great as they offer alternative colour options and are cost-effective. They also save money on your electricity bill as they are cheaper to run than normal bulbs. 

Furniture Pieces 

Furniture is another area of your living room that can be adapted if you are trying to make the room look and feel brighter. If you enjoy a wood effect, opt for lighter woods instead of darker ones. The same goes for the colour of your furniture pieces like your sofa – opt for brighter colours instead of blacks and browns. Rugs are great for making a room look bigger and the brighter colours make a room feel lighter.  

We hope the above tips give you some insight into making your home look a little bit brighter, especially your living room. Are there any additional tips that you think we should add to the above list? Which of the above tips did you find most useful? Is there anything you think we should add that would benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you. 

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