Why Does Your Home Smell Like That

Why Does Your Home Smell Like That?

Sometimes there can be a strange smell wafting throughout your home. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us! You can often feel like your house smells because you don’t clean it enough, or because there’s some dirt hiding away somewhere and you haven’t quite gotten to it yet, but there’s quite a few things in our homes that can turn odorous. 

Why Does Your Home Smell Like That
Why Does Your Home Smell Like That?

The key thing is to ensure you know where the smell is coming from, and if it means something serious or not. And if you’re not too sure about where to start on that front, we’ve listed a few of the most common smells that invade our surroundings, and what they might just mean for your four walls. 

It Smells a Bit Musty

If there’s currently a bit of a musty, stale smell wafting its way through your house, it could be a sign that your kitchen or bathroom taps are filtering into broken pipes. This not only leads to leaks, where the water goes stale and musty on its own, but it also gives rise to mold. 

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When this substance grows, a noticeably musty smell is always given off, and it might just be time for you to do something about it before it gets any worse. 

There’s a Weird Scent of Gas

The smell of gas is something you should evacuate for. Unless you left a stove burner on accidentally, it could mean there’s a leak somewhere in your home, which could potentially lead to fire or even an explosion. Get out and call someone to come to your aid. 

But to be more specific, you could be in need of an hvac repair. If you can smell gas wafting out from your hvac unit, it’s time to turn it off and call out a repair service to immediately come and fix the problem. This is because the gassy smell is almost always a fuel leak, and that can be dangerous if left unattended. 

You Can Smell Smoke

Unless there’s an obvious source for it, like burning a bit of toast or you’re currently grilling something in the pan, smelling smoke can be a real cause for worry. If it’s not coming from outside, and you can check from smoke coming from neighbor’s gardens or the surrounding neighborhood, this smell could be originating from inside your own walls. 

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Why Does Your Home Smell Like That?

A hint of smoke here and there could even be something to worry about. It could be a sign of a broken wire somewhere in your home; a good way to test for this is by turning things on one by one around your house and waiting for the smell. If you do suspect the fault is in your walls, you’ll have to call an electrician as soon as possible. 

Your home could smell a bit funny here and there, all homes do! But you’ll need to make sure your house is still safe to be in, and if there’s anything you can do. 

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