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The Easiest Camera System EVER!! blink XT

Most of you know, I adore tech. Tech is my life and trying out new things is so much fun, but I will admit some tech is more of a pain in the rear than helpful in daily life. I have had camera systems that have taken me a better part of the day to set up. With all the advancements in technology, it really should not be like this at all. blink XT has to be the simplest camera known to mankind!!! It literally took me a total of four minutes to set up, and that is including downloading the updates and app. Can I get an amen?!?!?!?!?



Ok. Enough funny business! Let’s chat about what you can do with this bad boy! Included in the box is everything you need to get going. Including the camera, sync module, USB cable, power adapter, two AA batteries, mounting kit, and the quickstart guide. The first thing I did was read over the quick start guide which is easy to follow.

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After you unpackage your new Blink XT, you will want to download the app. I used the Play Store for this posting, and it worked perfectly, but it is also available in the Apple Store as well.

blink XL

Once the app is downloaded, TRUST ME, you will breeze right through the setup process, and the app walks you through everything you need to do.

The camera does not need any wires, and the only thing that plugs in is the actual sync module. The camera itself uses two AA batteries, and I know you are thinking, “what???batteries???” YUP. BUT according to the site, these batteries will last two years before you will need to change them. Which is amazing. Of course, I have not had this system for two years, but in a year I will write myself a note to update this posting about the batteries.

blink XL

This camera is waterproof as well so you can easily put it outside which is awesome sauce! I put this camera facing the driveway so that I can see who comes and goes. The actual picture itself is amazing and brilliant, HD. Below you will find a picture as well as a little video. You will hear the birds chirping, and the creek is running bolding today, so that is the other crazy loud noise.

IMG 1619

In all, I am very impressed with the blink XT, and I feel that it is the easiest camera system to set up. If you need more than one camera, you can purchase extra cameras as well, which is super cool.

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