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The Importance Of Spontaneous Gifting


It’s always nice to receive a gift, and for most of us there are two specific times of year we can expect them. As the end of year draws round and the holiday season comes into view, we either anticipate a delightful surprise or ask those close to us for something in particular. We’ll also tend to expect something on our birthday, while there are other occasions for fathers, mothers and significant others to be spoiled for a day.

However, gift giving – and receiving – can become pretty perfunctory and banal if it is simply kept to special occasions throughout the year. These are the times when gifting is literally expected. While gifts at these times are no less appreciated, and no less meaningful, the core excitement of gifting can be sanded away by a sense of duty. That’s why it’s no bad idea to – every once in a while – pick out a gift for someone and give it “just because”.

They remind the receiver that you’re thinking of them

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Whether it’s a household ornament for your Mom or a new watch for your significant other, the act of giving a gift completely spontaneously is to offer a reminder that you don’t need a special day to be reminded of your fondness for them. For younger kids (who are constantly questioning their importance in the world) receiving new Super Wings Donnie transforming vehicles toys, or a new game for their computer, will delight and surprise them. You don’t have to be gifting things all the time – it’s the irregularity that makes it special!

You can do it whenever the budget suits

With annual gift giving – especially Christmas presents – there may be plenty of joy to the occasion, but there is another edge to that sword. Few among us are lucky enough to await the first credit card bill of January with anything other than sheer dread. Because you know other people will buy you gifts, the pressure is there to reciprocate. The result is a gift-giving arms race where everyone ends up spending more than they really should. With spontaneous gifting, you can ensure that your generosity is backed by your ability to spend. Because no-one is expecting anything, anything is appreciated.

It can turn around someone’s day, week, or year

We’ve all had those times when one bit of bad news seems to follow another. Something as minor as a social event being called off, or as major as a bereavement, can seem to be the trigger for everything else to go wrong. And very often, when these times happen, we suffer them in silence. These runs of bad fortune can take on a life of their own – and in times like this, just one act of generosity can remind us that there is good in the world, right when we needed the reminder. Giving a gift, no matter how large or small, can change someone’s whole frame of mind for the better – and that’s the best possible reason to do it.

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