Unique Mother’s Day Gifts And Coupon Codes

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought I would share a couple of really unique gifts just for mom as well as coupon codes for you to save some $$. Because let’s just admit it, we love saving money right? Below you will find some super unique gifts that you might not have thought of. I personally have not used these products but I think they would be perfect for a mom that already has everything.

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Panty Fresh:  Never let Mom get caught off guard again! Panty Fresh provides every woman with the confidence to refresh, feel good and remain hygienically clean while on the go! The super compact (and I mean super, truly fits in the palm of your hand!) 4-In-1 sachet includes seamless, reusable underwear, a panty liner, a hygienic wet wipe and a discrete wash-me bag. Help Mom be prepared for those unpredictable moments!


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Deal: 2 for $20 with promo code: “ILOVEMOM20” – now through Mother’s Day  




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Lavish Leathers: For fashionista Moms that love a pop of color! Owned by sisters, Amber & Sienna, raised in a family where creativity ran wild! They have the statement earrings game on lock. Bright andbold leather earrings are having a huge moment right now, and Mom will appreciate the lightweight leather and nickel-free hooks for all day comfort!




Deal: 15% off all orders with promo code: “LAVISHMOMMA” – now through Mother’s Day   




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BUBS NaturalsJoint and muscle relief for Mom! BUBS has created a flavorless collagen protein powder that can be added to ANY liquid. With age, the body’sproduction of collagen slows down. Collagen’s essential benefit is promoting health and healing from the inside out. BUBS collagen peptides use science to fight nature. Plus, the proteins and amino acids help soothe joints, strengthen skin, promotes increased elasticity, and benefit smoothness while supporting healthy hair and nails – wouldn’t any Mom appreciate that?


Deal: Free Shipping on ALL orders now through Mother’s Day 


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energydotsA range of self-adhesive ‘dots’ that have been programmed to harmonize the effects of man-made electrical emissions that surround us in our’wireless’ world. It’s no secret that EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) from phones, computers, Wi-Fi, etc, all emit low level radiation. ‘Electro-stress’ causes headaches, tiredness, anxiety…not good! Each DOT is programmed with a powerful resonant energy signature which retunes energy interference to a natural harmonic state. Help Mom protect herself and her health!

Deal: 20% off entire site with promo code: “Mothers18” – now through Mother’s Day 


Grand TrunkEvery Mom Wants A Cozy Blanket! The Bamboo Footie Blanket: 4 words. BUILT IN FOOT POCKET. The cozy foot pocket provides added comfort when lounging around the house or while traveling. 100% Viscose from bamboo means while Mom is slipping into cozy-town, she is also being eco-friendly!

Deal: 20% off entire site with promo code: “MOMSDAY” – now through Mother’s Day


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