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The 3 Worst Plumbing Disasters Homeowners Face and What Can be Done About Them

Plumbing problems range from the leaking faucet to the broken water heater that has flooded your home. Some plumbing issues can be fixed by the average homeowner, while others should only be tackled by an experienced professional.

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The 3 Worst Plumbing Disasters Homeowners Face and What Can be Done About Them

These problems also vary widely in severity, though you’ll always want to address the worst ones. Here are the three worst plumber disasters homeowners face and what can be done about them.

Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks often seem minor at first. This is why they’re hard to notice and maybe dismissed when identified. Unfortunately, they are built into your home, and the pipe leakage will slowly damage the structure of your home. 

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If the leak is in the pipes buried in your slab, it can damage the foundation of your home. Furthermore, every pipe leak could turn into a sudden flood at any moment. Don’t ignore water stains or the other signs of pipe leakage.

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The 3 Worst Plumbing Disasters Homeowners Face and What Can be Done About Them

If you think you’re experiencing pipe problems, we suggest you contact people like A1 Service Plumbing. They have some of the best plumbers Apopka has to offer, and they provide 24-hour emergency plumbing services to the Orlando area. They have extensive experience working with everything from non-functional commercial bathrooms to leaking residential water heaters. They can even re-pipe the entire building when the pipes burst or become warped with age.

Slow Drainage

A properly functioning sewer line will send wastewater down the sewer line. If it is developing a blockage, the warning signs include showers and toilets that are slow to drain. 

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The 3 Worst Plumbing Disasters Homeowners Face and What Can be Done About Them

Get this addressed as soon as possible because you don’t want to be unable to flush the toilet. Furthermore, you’re at risk of the sewage flowing back into your home. Not only will this cost thousands of dollars to repair, but it is a nasty thing to have happen to your home.

If a sewage pipe leaks outside of your home, you may notice a foul smell or even see sewage seeping into the soil. If these signs are visible in addition to a toilet that has trouble flushing, something is clogging the line. Don’t try to deal with a problem like this on your own.

A Loss of Freshwater

Suppose you turn on the water tap and there is no water. This could be a sign of a broken water faucet, or it may mean that you’ve lost your water because of a broken water pipe. You can test other water taps in the house to determine if the problem is your water supply. 

You can also determine if the problem is with the water main by asking your neighbors if they have water delivery. If the problem is specific to your home, contact a plumber. If you’re experiencing a gradual loss of water pressure, you should also get a plumber in before the water stops altogether.


Plumbing problems of all sizes can easily turn into a nightmare. Know what the warning signs are and be prepared to call in a professional plumber when you think there is an issue. This way, you will prevent the worst-case scenarios.

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