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Pick Pork: Midweek meal For Tonight

Pork is a beautiful white meat, that can be easily infused with flavor and has an exciting filling bite when getting your teeth into it. Pork is one of the most flexible meats since it can be prepared in a wide variety of ways and is tender, and flavorful when cooked properly. Despite its reputation as a particularly fatty meat, current breeding, rearing, and slaughtering practices have transformed the pig into a lean, nutritious option. In addition, the fat that it does include is of a lower saturated variety than that of other meats.

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Pick Pork: Midweek meal For Tonight

In addition to being delicious, pork is a great source of protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. 

Look for Pork

Try to locate firm, pale pink flesh that is damp but not oily in its texture. Don’t choose anything with yellow-looking fat just white is what you want. If you can see the bones they should have a red tinge, also you can tell if the pig was older by how rough the flesh is if the bones are white, and that points to the meat being less tender than what you might want.

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Prepare your Pork

Now think about what you are going to do in how you will heat it, and whether it’ll need to be cut into a certain size and shape, sometimes the fat could be removed for a more meaty meal.

If for instance, you may be making pork fried rice then you would dice up the pork into tiny chunks. Ready to be sauteed and mixed with the rice when the elements need to be combined before the meal is put together.

Cook this Pig Pork

Above I’ve mentioned a fried rice dish to cook but if this is a bigger volume of pork than cooking this will be a different story. You can roast, bake, or grill most pig chops. Cooking techniques such as pan-frying, stir-frying, stewing, and griddling are also often used. To prepare hocks and trotters for stuffing and roasting, they must first be cooked to tenderize the connective tissues.

Be aware to cook this meat to just over 80 degrees celsius, because under it that is a danger for your immune system to process the unkilled bad bacteria left on the meat. Overcooking is not a dangerous thing but more that the meat will be very dry and chewy, also there isn’t a recovery for it being overcooked, over is over unfortunately so be careful.

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Pick Pork: Midweek meal For Tonight


I love pork and it will be a meal to enjoy if you respect how to treat it, from all the meats that you can eat, this one is easy to look for the signs of good quality. And it isn’t the toughest to prepare, a reasonably sharp knife should slice through with ease, and even the fat should not be a problem to remove if needed. I do preach that the cooking of it should be looked after closely as the pork is at its best in the early 80s of degree celsius. Enjoy your pork!

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