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Sweet Earth Foods – Globally Inspired, Nutrient Dense Meals!

I don’t know about you, but there are times when dinner is just not happening. I just don’t have the time and sometimes the energy to prepare a great meal for my husband and I. One of those times was over the weekend. Right now with all that is going on I was at a loss. I pulled the freezer door open and grabbed out two Sweet Earth Foods meals. When I popped them in the microwave as this was my first time trying these, I was impressed by not only the amazing aroma lofting in the air but the quaily of the meals themselves. 

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Sweet Earth Foods promised to be delightful, bold & healthy meals you will absolutely love! All Sweet Earth Foods are high in Protein, Fiber, Nutrients, Organic & Vegetarian or Vegan! 

What I love most about these meals is that they are high in protein and they do offer Vegetarian meals! It is not often that I find vegetarian “heat and eat” meals that not only I enjoy but my picky husband as well!! Sweet Earth Foods offers three products to choose from that helps you expand your palate and travel the world from your kitchen table. 

Sweet Earth Foods Offers:

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• 3 Entrée Bowls: Borderless Enchilada, Curry Tiger, General Tso Tofu, Bean & Mango Cubano, Chana Masala, Pad Thai
• 2 Burritos: Big Sur Breakfast Burrito, Baja Breakfast Burrito, Curry Tiger Burrito, Peruvian Burrito, Protein Lover’s Burrito, Lighten Up! Burrito

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When it comes to my husband, he fell in love with the Pad Thai, which is Vegan (just don’t tell him). My favorite would have to be the General Tso Tofu as I do adore tofu and the Lighten Up! Burrito! All of there products are amazing, but these would have to be our favorites!!! One thing that sets these meals apart is the fact that they have a tremendous amount of flavor and can really be plated nicely for your family. 

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In all honesty, I was not sure how I would like these meals but in the end, they have really impressed me. The ingredients really are amazing and fresh for a freezer to a microwave meal. Over the weekend my husband crept in and took a pic of me while chowing down!! I could kick his bum, but I do ever so love the General Tso Tofu.

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If you have not tried these out, you really should! Find Sweet Earth at your local Kroger, Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, Ralphs, Frys, King Scoopers, Marianos and more! I would highly suggest checking them out and all of their meals. I bet you find your favorite as well. 

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