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Your Home: Good For You, Good For The Planet

It’s easy to think of humans as somehow being separated from the natural world. After all, we’ve built cities and invented air conditioning and the rest to insulate ourselves from the chaos of the rest of the world. Still, try as we might, there’s no avoiding the fact that we’re a part of nature, not above it. We’re seeing that in climate change, and there’s little doubt that something has to change.

The majority of the earth-boosting changes will have to come from corporations that have a disproportionate impact on the environment. But individuals can and should do their part, too. If you make your home good for the planet, then you’ll have done your bit — and this will have the added bonus of being for your health, too. Below, we’ll run through some handy, easy-to-enact tips that’ll increase your home’s green credentials. 

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Invest in Insulation

It’s one thing to use up energy. It’s another thing to use energy and not get any benefit from it. That’s just a waste of both money and the earth’s resources. It’s inevitable that you’ll need to heat and cool your property from time to time, especially during the peak winter/summer months. You can ensure that the hot and cold air you pump into your home stays in your home by investing in your home’s insulation. Focus on the walls and roof, and keep an eye out for any drafty windows where air may escape. 

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Get Smart About Energy Use

Even the most energy-conscious homeowners need to have an energy supply to their homes. The trick is to make this aspect as earth-friendly as possible. Solar panels do have a high upfront cost, but they’ll significantly reduce the cost of energy bills (in some cases, they eliminate them altogether), so they’re a worthy investment. Just be sure to invest in solar backup batteries for your home, just in case your solar panels are disconnected from the grid during extreme weather. If you can’t yet install solar panels, then consider investing in a smart meter, which will give you greater control over your energy consumption. 

Upcycled/Recycled Furniture

You care about the planet…but you also want your home to look good. Plus, it has to be functional. You’ll need tables and chairs and the rest. One way to get your home looking its best and have a positive impact on the planet is to look at upcycled and recycled furniture. These options don’t use any resources, are often cheaper, and usually look better than what you’ll find in big box stores.

Stay Up to Date With Latest Innovations

Finally, be sure to keep up with the latest innovations in the world of home sustainability. There’s been massive growth in this sector in the past few years, and new, innovative products are always coming out. Keep an eye on what’s happening in this sector, and you’ll be in a prime position to add the latest gadgets and tools to your home — and in the process, make your property as earth-friendly as possible. 

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