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Brighten Up Your Home

Brighten Up Your Home


It is easy to look in glossy magazines and places like Pinterest and see some beautiful pictures of bright and airy homes. It can make you wonder why yours does not look that good and make it feel that it is a dark and dingy place you are living in. If you are yearning for your home to look as good as the pictures you see there are simple things you can do to make it that way.

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Open Up Your Windows

Of course, opening your windows to let some fresh air in is really good for your home, but for the moment forget about literally opening them. Many windows, especially in older homes, have frames that are wide and thick and there can be so much wood or plastic around the openers that there is more frame than window, or at least it feels that way.

Replace your windows with more modern ones, as these have less framework to them and will let in more natural light. They are also more energy efficient as well as looking much better than older style windows.

They can be designed to suit the style of your home and will be custom made just for you.

Repaint The Walls And Ceiling

If your walls are painted in dark or bright colors, repaint them with something more neutral. Greys, beiges, and whites are always good and will give an instant lift to the room you are decorating. If you opt for paints with a matt finish rather than a glossy shine, you will reduce any glare, and the light will be distributed more evenly.

It can be amazing the difference using lighter tones can make to a room, and if you really want some bright colors, you can have those with your accessories.

Brighten Up Your Home

Declutter Your Space

The one thing you will notice that all the pictures you look at have in common is that none of the rooms are cluttered. This is because clutter just looks messy. It shrinks the size of a room and makes it a harder job to clean it. Declutter your space, and it will look better straight away.

Once you have got rid of everything that is not needed, give all the furniture, shelving and accessories a good clean. You may be surprised by just doing this how much brighter your room is looking already.

Be Smart With Mirrors

Apart from admiring yourself and making sure there is not a hair out of place, mirrors are useful for other reasons too. Because they reflect light, they will make any room look larger and brighter and are especially effective if they have been placed facing a window.

A large mirror in a dark room will make it look brighter straight away, but in a lighter room, the effect can be quite striking. There is nothing wrong in hanging more than one mirror to increase the effects of them.

Don’t Block The Light Out

Do not stand anything taller than sill height in front of a window as it will just restrict the amount of light allowed in. Put anything large right away from any windows so that your room gets the maximum amount of natural daylight.

You should look outside too. If you have trees or shrubs immediately outside your windows, trim them right back, so they are not blocking any light too.

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Buy Light Coloured Furniture

If you have young children or pets, this might not seem a practical idea. However, white tables and cabinets that are wipeable and can really brighten up a space. If you want to have a light colored sofa, just have a throw handy to put over it when the kids or the dog are around. There are also many fabrics available now that are wipe clean, and even if something such as a cup of coffee is spilled on them, it does not leave a permanent stain.

Use Light Window Dressings

Use window dressings that are light in color and light in weight to add some class to your room. They will make the space look larger than it really is and will not steal much of the natural daylight that is pouring in.

Another advantage of curtains such as these, they are simple to wash, dry, and get back up again without too much hassle.

Bright, White Lights

There are many light bulbs that give off a yellow tinge. Swap them for white LED lights to make your room look brighter and to save some dollars. LED bulbs are much cheaper to run and last for up to 10 years. When they do need replacing they are eco-friendly for disposal. This means that you will not only have a brighter room, but you are helping the planet at the same time.

If the only light in your room is in the ceiling, try adding a couple of small table lamps for some extra light, or a dimmer light when you want to turn the main one off.

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Check Out Your Accessories

If you have everything in your room in neutral colors, the accessories could be the things you use to make that stand out more. Large green plants are often in the photos of classy homes, and in a nice pot, they can look really good.

Add a couple of black cushions perhaps or some bright red ones. Because you want your room to be bright and airy does not mean it should be without color, it just needs to be in the right amounts.

Adding some sparkle with your accessories can also look good. Crystal photo frames or metallic ones can have a great effect on the look of your room. A little bit of something that sparkles when the light shines on it or through it will give your room a real touch of class.

Putting some of these tips into practice will help to give you the home you are after. Then when you see these photos of other people homes, yours will compare well to them.

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