Playing With Energy

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Of all the periods in human history, we live in the age that is most practical. Nowadays the way we live reflects this because unlike the early-modern period of decor, practicality is championed above style. What you have essentially, are homes that are designed towards function rather than form. This means you’ll see things like metal dining tables, bar stools in the kitchen, granite countertops, hardwood flooring, and other things that aim to help the homeowner. One of the key things on the minds of all homeowners is the bills. The heating bills especially are a concern because you need the heat on for a long time during the year such as in winter and autumn. This means that at least half the year is spent battling the cold and it can feel like your home is fighting against you at times. However modern designs and decor strategies have allowed homes to remain stylish but also help by playing with energy. Now your furniture can help to bounce warmth around the room, allowing you to turn down the heating if you wish.

Making the case

Windows are the first thing you should consider when you are trying to make your home more energy efficient. They are at the forefront of where energy is lost from the home because they are the one of the first points contact that the elements make with the home. Windows should be stylish however as they are literally the eyes of the home, and just as humans try to make their eyes stand out so should your windows be doing the same. Casement windows are a great option for style and for function also. As you can already imagine, the windows are in a case or rather they are within the window frame. Check out the design from this energy efficient window company. It shows how easy it is to clean casement windows also making it safer in the process. The windows can open up 90 degrees so you can clean both sides from within your home, meaning there’s no need for you to climb up on a ladder and risk getting hurt. The windows are both sturdy and tightly fitted so there’s no chance of any heat escaping from inside your home.

Fabric is back!

Leather sofas are great for style, but practically horrible when it comes to temperature control. In the winter they are uncomfortably cold, and in the summer your skin sticks to them. They only really work when there is halfway house and the temperature isn’t cold or hot, but lukewarm or cool. This is not something you should consider buying if you want a home that plays with energy rather than wastes it. Fabric sofas are making a huge comeback thanks to the different kinds of fabrics available now that don’t but the bank. It’s strange for many because in previous years, a fully fabric sofa made from the finest Scottish wool could cost just a much as a sofa made from deer leather.

However now you can also buy sofas that are made from Egyptian cotton, velvet, Harris tweed, linen, and much more.

There are various sofas that come in these fabrics but the design is just as important. Maybe the corner sofa is something of good idea in the way that it covers a lot of room in the living room or lounge. This allows for a lot of heat to be absorbed into the fabric and thus the filling that is inside. However the sofa sits low and also has large flat surfaces so heat can escape easily also. You may want to try a traditional Chesterfield sofa that has large curves and a bold look, made from tweed. The heat not only is trapped in the fabric, but because of the design, the warmth bounces around the sofa also.

Pulling energy back

To help your windows even further you can implement a simple Roman blind that is made from wool. A strong and densely woven piece of fabric acts like a normal blind would. It keeps the sunlight or nightlight out, as well as keeping light in so you have privacy. However because of the fabric it also pushes heat back into your home, so any warmth that is trying to escape will be turned around to cycle through your rooms again.

Decor can look amazing but if it doesn’t create a home that you can comfortably live in, what good is it in the end? Strategic decor such as luxury fabric sofa placed need the window would help to absorb heat and stop it from escaping. However casement windows that are fitted tightly, make them easier to clean but also not allow the warmth in your home to be taken either.

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