Store Room To Spa: How To Organize Your Bathroom And Make It Into A Sanctuary

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If you are like most of the population, you probably do not think of your family’s bathroom as a place where you love to go and have a relaxing shower or have a bath in peace. It is often a purely functional room, where you go to do whatever you need to do and get out.

In this post, however, we aim to help you turn your main bathroom from a storeroom like space into a spa-like sanctuary that makes you want to relax and pamper yourself.

Ready to find out how? Let’s go!

Get rid of the old

Empty every cupboard, every shelf and every storage box and basket and lay them all out, so you can see exactly what you have lurking in your bathroom. Group similar products together, so you know how many of each particular type of product you have. 

Then, start to declutter. Start with the easiest and most obvious ones first: empty bottles, anything that is out of date and products that no one uses. 

Then, consider your duplicates. When things get pushed to the back of cupboards and shelves, we end up buying new ones because we can’t find them. Consolidate them – do you need three different face creams on the go or five bottles of mouthwash?

Decide on what you need in there

When it comes to organizing space, very often we forget to ask what we need in the space to begin with.

Do you need that full pack of toilet rolls in the room, or will the one in use plus a couple of spares be adequate?

Look at other ways of storing excess items. Maybe you have a garage or a utility room where you can put things until they are needed? If your house doesn’t have much storage space, look to to consider hiring somewhere. This also has the benefit of stopping members of your family from opening yet another bottle of handwash/shower gel/toothpaste before the old one is finished – a significant cause of bathroom clutter.

Also, look at streamlining. If you all use different shampoos, can you get everyone using the same one? 

Storage solutions

You can’t get rid of everything out of your bathroom, so once you have got it down to the bare minimum, you need to look at attractive and discreet ways of storing what you do need.

There are plenty of options available, depending on the space and budget that you have available. Bigger spaces and budgets may be able to accommodate vanity units and cupboards, while smaller budgets and limited space can make the most of baskets and makeup bags – visit for some nice ones!

Lose the laundry

Many families keep their laundry in the bathroom, and while it may be practical, seeing your husband’s dirty boxers in the basket is not conducive to a relaxing moment. If you can, put laundry baskets in each family members bedroom so that they remember to put their clothes in them as soon as they take them off. 

If that is not possible and you have no alternative but to store your washing hamper in the bathroom, find an attractive – and lidded – hamper.

By putting these simple tips into practice, you will be on your way from turning your bathroom from a storeroom into a spa.

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