Pillow Pops The Perfect Way To Help Update Your Space

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As most of you know when it comes to my home I love to decorate for the seasons. Sometimes it can be difficult coming up with ideas and ways that I can change things up without being totally out of my budget. One way that you can help update a space for the spring and summer season is by using Pillow Pops.

The American made pillows are crafted from designer fabrics with celebrity fans including Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Usher displaying the collection in their homes and tour buses. Choose from nautical stripes, light linen fabrics, crisp white and cream collections, or get luxe with fancy fringed finishes and rich velvet jewel tones.

Soon I will be posting a great way for you to achieve your own bedroom oasis along with some amazing products but I just felt that this needed its own posting.

Pillows Don’t Get Enough Recognition.

In my eyes, pillows and throw pillows are a second thought. Many people don’t really consider them a huge decor changer but they really can help to change up a room. Not to mention Pillow Pops are EXTREMELY comfortable and fluffy.

To help change up the decor in my bedroom I went with the nautical set as I do feel that it goes well with the decor that is already in the room. I have a farmhouse, rustic, kinda charm with a pop of color here and there. I used the Pillow Pops to bring a bit of blue into the decor.

These throw pillows are simply beautiful close-up.

There is nothing better than having breakfast or a quick bite in a beautiful room with a little updated touch.

Pillow Pops Aren’t just for the bed!!!!!

So we all know that you can throw, throw pillows on the bed or sofa but they can be used in so many different ways. I wanted to share another way with you other than putting them in the usual spots in your home.

Since I am a Dunn fan I just bought this cute little basket and the Pillow Pop fits perfectly. This is a nice added touch to the all-white table.

You could also use the Pillow Pops to add a bit of color to your hall tree or even smaller spaces in your home that just lack a bit of color. I would highly recommend checking out the amazing line of Pillow Pops that are available. No matter if you want to go bold or stay neutral they have something for everyone.

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