7 Ways To Repurpose Bookshelves

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Who said bookshelves could only be used to hold books against the walls. After constructing a dado blade bookshelf yourself or hiring someone else to do it, these are some simple ideas that can turn your bookshelf from something mundane to something unexpected. These inspirations can get the creative juices flowing for you to create something unique.

Bookcase Bar Table

By removing the back of the bookcase and repainting, you can transform it to hold drinks, extra plates and eating utensils. If you sit it outside, it can double up as outdoor seating, making it the perfect place to enjoy a meal in the sun.

Bookcase Locker

This comes in handy especially if your little ones can never remember to pick their things off the floor. By taking out the shelves, you can attach a hook to the back of the shelf creating a locker effect. The bottom shelves could be used as a cubby to put shoes and toys.

Bookcase Headboard

Swap your typical headboard for something functional like a bookcase. It will bring a new dimension to your bedroom. There’s no such thing as too much storage. The bookshelf will create little nooks to store all your precious keepsakes. If you’re one that reads before bed, placing a light goes perfectly.

Desk Bookcase For Two

A desk bookcase is great if your home or apartment is spacially challenged. The idea merges two functioning things into one. You can attach a table through the middle of the bookcase and push it against the wall to save space. This idea creates a desk for two when you only have space for one.


Turn the boring vertical bookcase horizontal and you’ve got yourself a bench to place by the front door for guests to sit while they put on or take off their shoes. You can fit all kinds of things in the cubbies like shoes, books and decorations from around the house. Throw some accent pillows on top and it’s one way to make your front door unique.

Desk Bookcase For One

Those two boring bookcases can be melded into one impressive piece of furniture. Using a thick wooden board for the tabletop and the two bookcases for the legs, you just created yourself a table you can use for anything. If you like to scrapbook or are into calligraphy place your supplies in the cubbies so they’re readily available when you need them.

Bookcase Kitchen Island

A lot of these same ideas can be used to create your very own bookcase kitchen island. Remove the back of the bookcase and repaint it a color that matches your kitchen decor. Keep the shelves so you’re able to place pots, pans, cooking utensils, or seasonings. Secure the repurposed bookshelf to the middle of the kitchen floor and viola! If your kitchen just doesn’t have the space for a stationary island, consider adding wheels. This way you’re able to move it about wherever you need a little extra space.

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