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Cookies By Design: The Perfect Pre made Treat for Easter

Most of you know that I love easy gifts. You know. The ones that are already beautiful and ready to be shipped to the sender. Let’s be honest, who really has time to create a beautiful basket for each member of their family? I know I honestly don’t so when I have a chance to check out pre-made Easter treats I am all over that. Cookies By Design has been helping consumers just like you send beautiful arrangements for over thirty years.

Cookies by Design offers creatively designed gourmet gift baskets, cookie cakes, and cookie bouquets and cookie trays, filled with delicious hand decorated cookies. Their cookie bouquets can be customized for any occasion and can always be personalized with a name or special message.

I received the Easter Patchwork Bunnies for this posting, and I must say that they honestly look as good as they taste. I have had cookies before from different companies just like Cookies By Design, and they just never taste right. I mean there is always that funny, weird taste to them and you know that they are not fresh. What I love about Cookies By Design is that they actually make and hand decorate the cookies at each location. This helps to ensure that you are receiving fresh cookies and not something that just looks like a cookie.

When it comes to the presentation of the Easter Patchwork Bunnies, I think it is beautiful. Honestly, it could not get much better. Each cookie is fastened to a plastic stick which in my mind when I saw it would not last through the rough process of the UPS man but it arrived intact. I had one cookie fall off the little stick, but because it is packaged in plastic, it did not fall far and did not break. BONUS!!

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Each cookie is really large, and since I am a sweet fanatic, I dug right in (it’s my nature). These are sugar cookies made with sugar and cinnamon brown cookie dough. I must say that I fell in love and trust me I love a good cookie. Just call me the cookie monster.

I certainly would recommend checking out Cookies By Design and their beautiful Creations for Easter or any celebration you might need a gift for. The Easter Patchwork Bunnies has to be my favorite design for Easter, but there are many to choose from.


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