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The Farmer’s Dog

My dog is my family. Little man Ricky is beside me throughout the day, and we have become two peas in a pod. Last November we had to put my pup, Lucy, down. I was not home because I was helping my father with a recent hip replacement and it killed me. She had bad hips and a fatty tumor under her front arm. I am not sure what happened or why she got so bad, but because of Lucy, I learned the importance of having good meals for your beloved pet.

Lucy had allergies to several different ingredients in store bought food to the point where we started to make her food ourselves. This gets to be time-consuming no matter how much you love your dog; you only have so many hours in the day. Yesterday, I was so pleased when I opened an email about The Farmer’s Dog.

The Farmer’s Dog Background

Founded in 2015 by Jonathan Regev, CEO, and Brett Podolsky, Head of Business Development and Partnerships, The Farmer’s Dog was inspired by Brett’s labor-intensive attempts to keep his dog, Jada, healthy by cooking homemade meals as recommended by her veterinarian. The Farmer’s Dog works with leading veterinary nutritionists to provide pre-portioned and personalized meal plans so that customers can feel confident they are feeding their pets the most nutritionally complete, well-balanced meals every time. As a subscription-based plan, regularly scheduled shipments guarantee that the food is delivered within days of manufacturing.

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How It Works

Being a huge fan of delivery subscription boxes for meals I was super excited to share this small business with you. What you feed your loving pet is so important just as you try to eat healthily and the right foods so should your animals.

Once you decide that this is the best fit for you and your pet (which I really have no doubt it would be) the next step is to head to their site. You will input your information including your dog’s info. They will want to know the breed, weight and any allergies the fur baby might have. This helps them to tailor the food best to your baby.

A handful of proteins (turkey, beef, pork) are combined with nutrient-rich ingredients like root vegetables, fish oil, and leafy greens. (If your dog doesn’t like the recipe you chose, you can send back your remaining packs for a new mix.) The meals are cooked, bagged, frozen, labeled with your information, and sent to your house in at least two-week installments within days of creation, in an insulated box that tells you to send it back if you don’t like it. It is never deep frozen, and it never sits on a shelf. All you do is open the pack and pour.

Next, you set up shipment. As I am typing this posting, I am going through the process myself and ordering for my baby (I am purchasing this product myself). Here are some screenshot of the process. It is really simple, and I must say that I am so glad that they offer an “unknown/mixed breed.” My little guy is the best but he is really a mix. Here is a little slideshow of some of the questions The Farmer’s Dog will ask.

This is just so convenient for me, and I know many of my readers who have little babies sitting beside them as they read this post it would be convenient for you as well. The Farmer’s Dog does offers a two-week trial so you can see if this is something your pup would enjoy. My trial came out to be about $55.00. I do hope that you check out this fantastic company and stay tuned later for my update as to what Ricky thought of the food and my impressions.


UPDATE: March 2017

It was brought to my attention that I have not updated how the Farmer’s Dog food is going with my man Ricky. Life has been totally crazy with my father in law and taking in a new puppy. Wowza! I did however, want to update this posting. I am still using the Farmer’s Dog food for Ricky and plan to use it for Ike as well. The only thing that I can suggest is that you make SURE that you gradually take your dog off his normal food.

I still put a bit of Ricky’s dry food in the mix with the Farmer’s Dog and this does help with the cost. So I don’t have to get it each and every month. It is a little expensive but Ricky needs hard food as well due to his age and teeth. My vet suggested that I mix them so that Ricky still gets his special food that helps to clean his teeth while still using mainly the Farmer’s Dog.

I would totally still all these months later recommend Farmer’s Dog to anyone looking for a better option when it comes to dog food and feeding their furry friends better ingredients.

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