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Deep Cleaning Chores You Should Do Monthly

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Occasionally, you probably ensure that you give your home a clean, to avoid keeping a cluttered and dirty space. Some of your cleaning exercises may be daily or weekly— which is great! However, this doesn’t mean that your home is getting all the cleaning it needs. Sometimes, your home needs a good deep clean! This is when you take the time to clean every nook and cranny of your home. It is an impossible task to do every day or every week, so most households prefer to do them monthly. So, it’s time to bring out your cleaning supplies for these cleaning activities you should include in your monthly chores.

  1. Clean your walls

Various factors around the home may cause your walls to get dirty—for example, leaning on the walls, various fixtures such as paintings, or dust. If you have younger children, you may probably be accustomed to your little ones using your walls to express their creative minds. However, dirty walls tend to ruin the general ambiance of the home and also give guests the impression that you run a messy household. Daily cleaning of your walls may not be ideal, but it is a task you should consider picking up every month. Depending on the type of paint used and the amount of dirt, you can clean your walls with water, mild soap, and a soft cloth. You can also use a cloth or brush to take off various elements such as spider webs. You can also consider hiring the services of professional cleaners to handle the task if it’s too challenging. 

  1. Give your carpets a good clean

You might vacuum your carpets weekly to take off dust and other elements that get stuck in them. However, it is vital to deep clean your carpets monthly to increase their lifespan. This is because various elements get trapped in your carpet daily. In addition, some of these elements may stain the carpet or may be stuck onto the fibers of your carpets.

There is also the risk of a funny-wet smell from spilled liquids that may occupy your home or just an accumulation of dirt. Therefore, every month, you should take some time to clean your carpets. Spritz some distilled vinegar on your carpet to “melt” away build-up and remove any odors. You can also hire professional carpet cleaners to ensure your carpets are clean and well treated.

  1. Vacuum your furniture

Like your carpets, various elements can get stuck in between the cushions of your furniture, making a quick shake or dusting insufficient to ensure your home is clean. This can range from coins to pieces of food! You never know what your furniture may have devoured throughout the month. Therefore, it is vital to vacuum your furniture monthly to remove the accumulated dirt.

  1. Clean your ceiling and ceiling fixtures

The ceiling of your home may be the last place you would think of giving a deep clean because it is an area you barely use! However, like your walls, your ceiling has the tendency of gathering dust and cobwebs, which isn’t ideal for your living space. Every month, take the time to clean your ceilings. While you’re on it, be sure to clean fixtures such as lights and ceiling fans to give your home a nice clean sparkle from top to bottom!


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