How to Shape Nails at Home with Nail Cutter

How to Shape Nails at Home with Nail Cutter [Beginner’s Guide]

If you are not satisfied with your nails shape, then hold on!

There is no need to fret about anything. Without further wait, grab a fine nail cutter and a nail file. Just follow some of the basic instructions and achieve beautiful nails in almost no time.

There is absolutely no need to run after expensive nail equipment, because you can attain your goal by other simple way round. Lay your hands on minimal nail shaping items and create wonderfully shaped nails quickly and easily.

How to Shape Nails at Home with Nail Cutter

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Tutorial on How to Shape Nails with Nail Cutter

Easy peasy note: You don’t need to be a Pro for shaping your nails beautifully. You just follow up the given directions and then enjoy the charm of good nails.

Equipment Needed

  • Good quality stainless steel nail cutter
  • Nail File

The stainless steel nail cutter has a super sharp cutting ability, that ensures the attainment of pretty symmetrical nails. Besides this, nail file helps to clean up the dirty nails with a suitable ease. These tools are the only requisite for achieving healthy good nails.

Step by Step Guide

Step # 1: First of all, Do ensure the cleanliness of your nails. If you find any dirt underneath the nails, remove it from out with the help of a nail file. Be careful not to crack the tips of your nails, just make sure they are clean.

Step # 2: Now place your hands in a flat position in such a way that your palms are facing downwards and all your fingers are directed towards you. Among the nails, the first one seeking attention is that of middle finger.

Step # 3: Take the nail cutter and hold it rather normally, not so tightly. Then go for cutting the first side of your middle nail. Once you are done cutting the very side, then go for the other side of the nail and cut it in a symmetrical shape not in an uneven manner. While cutting, make sure that you are removing an equal amount off the nail with utmost attention and care.

Step # 4: Once you are done cutting the both sides of the middle finger, then cut the top of the middle finger nail. This is the crucial stage at which it is completely upto you that which nail shape you are looking forward to. They may be oval shaped, square shaped, stiletto nails, almond nails etc. Just take a notice of the angle and choose a suitable nail shape.

Decide beforehand which nail shape you will be opting. If you more into the almond look, then you will have to go towards more curving of the nails. On the other hand, if you are hoping to get an oval shape then you will have to ‘round off’ the nails.

Follow the above mentioned instructions and try to remain consistent. You need to create the same shape effect to the other remaining nails. It may be somewhat difficult in the first try but don’t worry, Practice, Practice and more Practice…

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