Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Party Ideas & Gifts

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Ello, folks! Today I wanted to share some amazing Valentine's Day party ideas and gifts. Some of them are a bit out of the box ideas which I love! This year we have worked with some amazing companies to bring you this guide and I do hope that you enjoy it.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is sweet, it's everything that life is about and that is Love. Below you will find my little set up that would be perfect for a little party with couples or just amazing gifts for your loves.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Table of Contents

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Valentine's Day Drinks

This year I chose a couple of different drinks to share with you. Some alcohol and some amazing ELV8 Hemp's CBD tea. This stuff is so good and totally share-worthy.

Elev8 Hemp’s CBD Infused Lemon Iced Tea is a premium functional beverage infusing a 10 mg dose of CBD into your refreshing ready to drink iced tea. -10mg of CBD in every bottle – Zero Sugar – Zero Calories Contains: Water, natural flavor, tea, caramel color, sodium benzoate as preservative, citric acid, sucralose and CBD (cannabidiol).

If you are looking for a more traditional beverage I highly recommend the Tussock Jumper! This wine is amazing and comes in a couple of different varieties to satisfy any wine lover. All of their wines are available online for purchase.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Know a whiskey lover? Check out Eagen's for the person who has everything. Add a limited-edition whiskey to their collection. Unlike any other vintage, Legacy Reserve II is aged for 16 years in American bourbon barrels and finished in Banyuls casks from the Catalan Pyrenees in France.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

With only 1,000 bottles released worldwide, this true Irish whiskey is the perfect gift for the collector in your life. Available for purchase at online retailers including here.

Alternatively, you can also explore Crown Royal Peach Whisky from shops such as The Bottle Haus. This whisky is unique because it is infused with fresh Georgia peaches. This ensures that the drink is vibrant and delicious. 

Valentine's Day Sweet Treats

This year I just choose a couple of my favorites to share with you when it comes to sweet treats. First off is the Craft Beer Lovers Collection by Hilliards Chocolates. I think you all know my love for Hilliards but these are so unique not to mention perfectly packaged and good.

  • Craft Beer Caramels – Hilliards Chocolates introduces a unique and inventive take on its signature caramel recipe with new Craft Beer Caramels. Hilliards buttery small-batch caramel is infused with local Shovel Town Brewery Double IPA Beer and then dipped in smooth dark chocolate topped with Langwater Farm hops and crushed pretzel sea salt. Salty and sweet with a touch of hops, these caramels are perfect for the beer lover with a sweet tooth! Winner of the 2019 “Best New Piece†at the Retail confectioners International Conference. 
  • Craft Beer Brittle – Cooked in our copper kettles, Hilliards Craft Beer Brittle combines the local flavors of their traditional peanut brittle with fresh-brewed craft beer from Shovel Town Brewery in Easton, MA. This Beer brittle delights the palate with a buttery sweet crunch followed by a nutty flavor from Spanish peanuts chased by a beer finish. 

Another option from Hilliards is Rosé Truffles. The perfect wine pairing in one truffle!  Velvety smooth light rosé flavored ganache is enveloped in our intoxicating rich dark chocolate.  A romantic experience best enjoyed slowly as the rosé's subtle essence softly comes through at the end.. These are totally out of this world and I have had to hide them from my husband.

As most of you know I am totally in love with Tipsy Scoop and this is a must-have for any party of the perfect unique gift. Tipsy Scoop Liquor infused ice cream is the perfect Valentine's Day Gift! All of their boozy ice creams are hand-crafted and small-batch, made with up to 5 % alcohol by volume and inspired by our favorite festive cocktail creations.

Included in the Valentine's Day Tipsy Scoop pack:

  • Cake Batter Vodka Martini- Ice cream infused with cake flavored vodka, amaretto, and white chocolate liqueur
  • Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet-Sorbet made with fresh raspberries, infused with Limoncello (non-dairy/vegan)
  • Strawberry Chocolate Kisses Martini- Strawberry Ice Cream infused with vodka and mixed with chocolate chips 
  • Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel- Chocolate ice cream infused with whiskey and salted caramel.

I must say that the Cake Batter and Strawberry Chocolate kisses are my favorites but they are all so good!!!!

I used the Tipsy Scoop to make a little tasting. I used chocolates and the icecream to make a little platter. For best results freeze your platter so that the Tipsy Scoop does not melt as fast. This is perfect so that everyone can get a taste.

Tipsy Scoop is available for Nationwide shipping and local NYC delivery, and in-store pick up through their website.

Two more great treats for an alternative little snack and chill out is the Kat's Naturals and their dark chocolate and white chocolate bars contain 100mg of activated hemp CBD. This is really a great way to get your guests or your love a gift that is different. I adore their white chocolate bars!!

Another great choice is the beeZbeeCBD Caramels THC Free!! Since I adore caramel this was a total must on the list. 30mg of CBD per piece. These soft, delicious treats with a powerful serving of CBD and are now available in 9 delicious flavors. The beeZbeeCBD THC Free Caramels are available in singles, 12 count bags or a box of 50.

Fun Gifts Or Party Favors For Guests

So lastly, I have just a couple of my favorite items that I think would either be the perfect gifts for your love or even for guests that might come to a Valentine's Day party.

My first pick and must-have for any party is the Whip-it. These come in so handy and are great gifts for those that love to cook or entertain, not to mention look brilliant on a table.

Whip-it has many different products that are perfect for entertaining guests.

Two great gifts or prizes for a party is from Verre Esprit. Verre Esprit is a gift and homeware brand which is all about the fun without sacrificing the luxury. Our beautiful products range from champagne flutes to jewelry dishes, and are all designed to add a touch of class to your home.

You can seet heir full range of products at; . Two of my favorite gifts are the Mr & Mrs ring dish and Mr & Mrs stemless wine glasses. Some key features of both products include: Hand painted gold accents on the ring dish. 17 oz crystal stemless wine glasses with gold foil Mr & Mrs lettering. Both products Packaged in luxury gift boxes with custom protective foam inserts and gold foil stamping.

Lastly, and I know this is a super long posting is the Bink! This amazing media table is the perfect gift or addition to a party. You can see my full posting here. I just adore this table! You can purchase this table on Amazon.

I used this as a simple coffee station for our party using the Fire Dept. Coffee. Egan's Irish Whiskey is the official Irish Whiskey in Fire Dept. Coffee's spirit-infused coffee line.

The meticulously crafted coffee is made with Egan’s Vintage Grain, a single grain Irish whiskey aged in bourbon casks giving way to vanilla undertones and hints of caramel. The coffee is made using a proprietary method that infuses all the flavor of the spirit, leaving no trace of alcohol behind. It’s the ideal brew for an Irish Coffee, with or without the splash of Vintage Grain.

I do hope that you have enjoyed all of these suggestions and I hope this helps you when shopping this Valentine's Day. Till next time, my friends 🙂

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