IMPROVEMENTS Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed

Hey, everyone! Sorry about the little downtime today and thank you so much for contacting me to let me know. Yet, the site is back up. Today I wanted to share a super cute addition to your patio this summer or porch just for your little fur baby! Ricky is now 12 years old, and he loves to nap in the sun. I guess it feels good on his little bones, but I hate for him to lay on the ground and a regular pet bed gets too warm. IMPROVEMENTS offers a wonderful option when it comes to an indoor and outdoor dog bed.

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed

Sorry about the dirty patio but literally this morning is the only time that it is not pouring the rain and both dogs love to get their feet muddy and walk on the patio LOL. Anywho, this IMPROVEMENTS pet bed is totally adorable and comes in green and brown. The brown one which you will see in this posting. One thing that I love about this bed is that it actually has convenient handles for carrying and folds up for storage.

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The material is metal and polyester so you can easily remove the actual fabric for easy cleaning if you have messy pups like myself.

The cutest little bum ever!! He he he. I just am floored with this little bed, and the best part is the price of the bed, which is Now $9.98 – $24.98!! This bed comes in two sizes, and the one in this posting is the medium which is perfect for both my Ricky and Ike.

I will say that it took a moment for Ricky to get used to the noise the bed makes which I think will go away with time. Because when you first use your new bed, it is relatively stiff when it comes to the fabric ( I actually sat on it to help to stretch it out). So it makes just a little noise. At first, this did bother Ricky, but when he got on it, he just LOVES it!! In fact, if I keep it outside that is his new favorite spot.

In all this is the perfect addition to your porch or patio this summer and I bet your baby will love it as much as mine does! I feel that this IMPROVEMENTS indoor-outdoor bed is perfect when it comes to the build and quality. It is super nice for the price.

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