Juno AI A Smart Device For Your Ceiling

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As most of you know, I love tech and being able to seamlessly include them in my home for a friendly smart home ecosystem. Today I wanted to introduce you to the Juno AI Downlight with Alexa. Most of us have speakers in our homes which can at times look cluttered and unappealing, With Juno AI Downlight there is no clutter or cords, making the perfect addition to any home atmosphere.

Juno AI is the only smart downlight on the market with both Alexa Built-in and an integrated premium JBL speaker, now available on Amazon. This is a product that I have heard about and really wanted to check it out!

Perfect for both mom and dad; mom can make grocery lists, remind the family of appointments, and even call the kids down to dinner using the PA system. Dad can use it to keep up on the latest game scores and make sure the weather will be perfect for that weekend grill out.

What I really love most about the Juno AI is that it is easy to install, literally taking me about 10 minutes or less. I received the 6-inch downlight and I just popped out my existing downlight and put up the Juno. Once you have everything installed you just need to download the Juno AI app that is available in the Apple Store and Android.

My Experience With Juno AI

It did take the Juno a couple of moments to find my internet but since we live in an area where we don’t have the best internet I believe this was the problem. Once connected everything worked perfectly. From the app you can control everything from how bright the light is, even changing the light to daylight (perfect for pictures). You also can control the volume from the app or Alexa.

I adore the design of the Juno Downlight and feel this would be the perfect addition to any home no matter your style. We put this light in the kitchen because I have a tendency to listen to music while I am cooking. Being able to free up my counters from speakers and my Echo is priceless.

If you are looking for an alternative and help to clear the clutter from speakers, I would highly suggest Juno AI as the perfect option. From the sound quality from the JBL speaker to the seamless installation I know you will love your new downlight as much as I do. With so many new smart devices coming out it seems each day, this is one that I know your family can benefit from and use.

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