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What Makes A House A Home?

A house is more than just somewhere to rest weary heads and come back to after a day at work or school. A house should be a home, and a home is something very special indeed. Here are some of the things that help to make a house a home, turning your abode into a sanctuary rather than a simple shelter. 

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All The Flaws 

There is no such thing as a perfect house unless, of course, it is never lived in. Life happens, dings and dents and stains and cracks all occur, and you’ll have to consider all kinds of fixes, like adding horizontal metal siding or repainting walls or plastering over cracks, and that’s wonderful. Why? Because it shows people lived there, were happy there, and made memories there.

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Every flaw will have a story behind it, and even if the stories themselves get lost over time, there will still be a warm feeling of comfort when you look at the dent or the scratch. This is the evidence that you existed, so be proud of it all. 

The People And Animals In It 

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What Makes A House A Home?

When there are other people and animals in your home, there is an unmistakable feeling of life and love – there is nothing quite like it. No matter how much you might crave some time to yourself, no matter how much you might think you want some peace and quiet, when you get it, it’s likely you’ll miss all the chaos and confusion of people and creatures going about their daily lives. Whether it’s wiping away tears from a fall in the yard, snuggling together watching a movie, or laughing at a board game, your home is better off for it. 

Your Rituals 

Everyone has their own unique little rituals that they can perform at home without anyone judging or questioning. If that means that every Saturday night is movie night and you have to have a certain brand of popcorn, if it means decorating the Christmas tree together no matter what, if it means getting the grill out on the first day of summer even if it’s raining, go ahead and do it – these rituals make a home. 


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What Makes A House A Home?

Speaking of cooking, food plays a big part in making a house into a home. The smell of good food cooking away that drifts through the house and lets everyone know that dinner is coming is the stuff of great memories for the future. As the kids get older and move away, it’s the smell of mom or dad creating home cooked food that will stay with them, and as soon as they smell a similar scent elsewhere, they’ll be transported right back home again, even if their parents have moved out and the house is now someone else’s. 

Your Things 

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What Makes A House A Home?

Although life shouldn’t be about material things, sometimes those things have memories attached to them, which makes them extremely important. They can be the cheapest little souvenirs you could ever hope to find, but that doesn’t make them any less special. In fact, if there were a fire, it’s probably these things you would rescue rather than your expensive stereo system or games console. These souvenirs are a comfort to have around your home, and they make all the difference. 

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