How to be productive while staying inside because of coronavirus

How to be Productive while Staying Home – Coronavirus Impact

How to be productive while staying inside because of coronavirus
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Our Planet is going through a difficult time. Yes, the planet as 120 countries have clear and announced cases of Coronavirus. I personally do not believe we need to panic. We just need to be careful and take precautions and we can help our community to stay safe. First and foremost is, ladies do not forget to wash your hands regularly especially when you come back home from outside and do not touch your face.

The second-biggest contribution we can make is staying inside if we can. I had my tickets and hotels booked but cancelled them last minute as travelling at this time should not be a priority more importantly when it is just for the sake of travelling. So if you and your family can stay inside then please do your bit and stay inside.

Now, what to Do when we are being restricted to our homes? The Scariest Question of the hour! Humm, let us see if we can come up with some interesting options:

1. Hit the Yoga Mat: Okay, accept it, we all look at Duchess of Cambridge and the first thought that comes to our mind is “oh my my, she has some great legs and that waistline? how is she so fit?” Well, it needs hard work. so you can use this time to start the yoga or pilate routine that you were planning for last so many weeks/months or maybe what years. There are some great Youtube channels to self-learn yoga or pilate.

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How to be productive while staying inside because of coronavirus
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2. Learn a board game: If you are more on a logical side, then board games are always there. try chess, don’t have a chess game at home no issues there are plenty of them online. Just type Online Chess on Google and a never-ending list is in front of you. Otherwise, there is plenty of other options like Ludo, Monopoly etc.

3. Clean your closet: My favourite thing to do when I am being anxious or nervous. It is like a personal therapy session for me. Organize your wardrobe. Remove the stuff that you don’t need. Put them aside for donation. Go through your wardrobe to curate a new style for you that you can rock after this self-isolation period.

4. Dance the isolation away: Who does not love music? Then get up and shake your bootie to your favourite beat. It will lower your anxiety, improve your physical health and benefit your emotional health. According to researchers at the University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Berkeley, CA, dancing is fantastic for both your body and your mind because it causes the release of the very chemicals that are good for your brain: dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

How to be productive while staying inside because of coronavirus
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5. Try a new recipe: Well, we are home, and I do not know about anyone but I am always hungry when I am home. So gonna try this time to brush up my non-existing cookery skills. Bon Appétit has some really amazing recipes that I would like to try during this period.

6. Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine: We are always rushing. Rush to get up in the morning, Rush to make breakfast, get kids ready for schools, packing lunch, hitting the road before the traffic reaches its dreading limit. Rush to catch up with the professional deadlines, School projects and what else not. And the one thing that for sure suffers from this life rush is our Skin. Take this time to take care of your skin and rejuvenate it with new life. Try homemade mixes that suits your skin and hairs to give them a new life.

7. Relax and Take a Breath: I know it is not easy for all of us especially when our bills are due and we are not working. But worrying is not going to change anything. If you are being forced to stay home then take advantage of this opportunity and breath. Relax, reflect and plan. Think of life choices that you have made, do some self-learning, plan for your next steps and learn more about your life and future.

How to be productive while staying inside because of coronavirus
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So this self-isolation period might not be that bad. It can actually be that one chance we always wanted when we are not worrying about work and rush of life. Use it to your full capacity and turn it into the Golden period that changes your life for good. It’s just a matter of perspective.

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