We Are Not Single-Streamed Beings

One thing I have come to accept is that we, human beings, are not single streamed. There are so many areas in our lives that we need to be working on at the same time. Good thing we have a brain that allows us to do just that. What most of us lack is simply the knowledge and the discipline to do so. I will tell you a short story.

I remember years back when I was in primary school and was about 11,12,13 years, I had this personal motto, Books Before Boys, (BBB). Well, I had stolen it. I thought it was genius plus it made perfect sense to me. I mean, who needed a boyfriend at 12 years anyway?

Also, growing up in my school and country at that time, having what seemed like romantic relationships with the opposite sex was a crime. It was punishable by corporal punishment and public shaming. I was among the good students, I was NEVER involved in any kind of romantic relationship. I concentrated on my books, and books alone. You could call me a bookworm and of course, that was reflected by my grades.

But now I am grown and I have come to realize that this life demands a lot more from us, human beings than just scoring high grades in school. We can absolutely not put efforts into one area of our lives and ignore others. Kindly note that life wants us to take care of our situations simultaneously. I mean, as you focus on your education, also focus on building relationships, work on the family and so much more. Here are some areas in our lives that we should work on, at the same time, for a well-rounded life.

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A family is the very first institution of human beings. Please, whatever you do, never abandon your family, there is no-one in the world who will have your best interest at heart than your family members. Yes, you will fight once in a while, but it always nothing but love. I am not ignorant of the fact that we have some family members from hell, those you do not have to deal with. But before you cut them off, kindly get your facts straights, sometimes we hate our family members for absolutely nothing. Nothing but just inherited hate.

Remember, a family is not necessarily made up of people with whom you share the same DNA or people who grew up under the same roof, with two parents and siblings. Sometimes a family consists of people who share the same kind of passion, pain, beliefs, and experiences.

Also, when the time is right, and when you are convinced that you were really made for this, start a family of your own. It brings so much joy when you get it right.

Money/Wealth Creation

Have a source of income, make your own money and create wealth. There are many misguided people out there who believe that money is not important. The truth is money is very, important in today’s life. Yes, other things are important, I mean peace of mind, friends, and family. unfortunately for the world we live in today, those are the things you are likely to lose if you do not have any money to your name.

Let no one fool you, money is important and it will serve the purpose it is meant to. some problems will never be solved by having many friends and family alone, neither will peace of mind. Only money will solve some problems. So, get your money right, buy properties and save.


We, human beings are social animals. We need associates, circles, and confidants. If you find this from within your family members well and good. Though I believe, it is healthy to have close relationships with people from both, your relatives and those whom you are not related to. Have a circle of people whom you can manage. How small or big your circle is, is your decision just make sure it is manageable. Also, part of maturity is really asking yourself, what value someone is adding to your life before you let them in, or before you let them stay in your circle. Adulthood comes with so many responsibilities and we cannot afford to care for everyone.


My heart goes out to everyone out there battling health issues. It will get better. For anyone who is in good health, kindly take care of you (note to self). Eat healthily, get enough sleep, exercise, go for regular medical check-ups and be clean. I cannot emphasize this enough. Do not compromise on your health, it is costly.


Do not lose yourself no matter what. Let not relationships, family, creating wealth or anything else for that matter get in your way of becoming a better person. Grow and grow so hard! Get that master’s degree you’ve always wanted. And speaking of a master’s degree, we are living in a world where people are really disregarding education. The truth is, You do not need the education to succeed in this life, education is not the only key to success, there are many more keys to success. keys like, talent and skills, social media fame and if you are really good in business. For some of you, you will really need the education to succeed. I mean you will not be a doctor without the education, right?

Anyway back to the things you need to develop yourself, learn a skill, meditate regularly, mend broken relationships, save money, invest. Every day put in the effort to be a better person than you were yesterday.


The good thing about living a well-balanced life is you will always have something to fall back to. For example, when you run out of money, you will have your family to fall back to and support you or maybe you could use your education certificates to get you a job. Don’t call me a pessimist, I have lived a little over 27 years and I know the dangers of focusing only on one area of our lives. And when I really come to think of it, having a boyfriend at 11,12,13 years old wouldn’t have been such a bad thing, right.

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