I cancelled my First Ever Solo Vacation - So What Next

I cancelled my First Ever Solo Vacation – So What Next?

I cancelled my First Ever Solo Vacation - So What Next

In October 2019, I realized that I have finally reached that stage of my life where I can leave behind my job and start doing something I have always wanted to do – Travelling. And the planning started. I was going to start the journey with a visit to the United Kingdom.

In January I applied for British visa and got it. In February I had the whole itinerary planned down to every single day of the visit. On 28th February and I said goodbye to my lovely colleagues. Packed most of the stuff for the much-awaited journey of my life. I was scheduled to leave Canada on 28th March.

And Boom!! Here comes the Covid-19 to rain on my parade. With a really heavy heart, I decided to postpone my first ever solo Vacation. So here I am sitting on my bed, looking at the latest Corona news with no job and no plan. The first few days were really frustrating. I almost had a meltdown. So many thoughts were going through the mind – I should have listened to my boss when he asked me to stay till March 31st, I should have gone earlier then at least I would have stuck in the UK, I should have travelled to India first then I would have been with my Parents. The list is long and my brain was not shutting down.

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Getting annoyed and irritated as all the facilities are closed in here – no Swimming, no library, no friend ready to step out. Then like a light it struck me, why I am getting annoyed. Isn’t this what everyone wants to have. No work pressure, no rush to get up in the morning, no deadlines to meet. So I decided to be intentional and put this time into something really important- self Improvement, to stay in present, to love my self,  nourish my body, mind and soul.

I completely understand that it is not easy for everyone to stay home when lives depend upon you to feed them, care for them. But if we are being forced into self-isolation then why not turn this period into a really worthy productive period. So I changed my routine accordingly to improve my physical, mental and emotional health. Here are a few things that I am concentrating:

1. Boost my Immunity System: Let us be honest! there is no need to panic because of Covid-19 but we all have to be careful. The virus is spreading fast but if we can improve our immunity system then we are ready to fight it. I am drinking lots of water, increasing the intake of citrus fruits and green vegetables, quality sleep, a light workout, and some fresh air ( I am going for a walk every day early morning when only couple of souls are out).

2. Nourishing my Mind and Soul: Not doing anything and having lots of free time on hands can take a drastic turn if we are not careful of what our mind is doing. I am taking this time to reflect on my life choices. I have made some really drastic decisions in my life that could have been avoided. I thought about them, looked for my mistakes, accepted them and forgive myself.  It’s time to learn from those mistakes and make wise choices in life. I am reading a lot these days about mental and emotional well-being while trying to learn new things. Mark Manson’s website is always open on my desktop these days along with Medium. I am trying to think beyond my self so that I can be a better human being to be part of our community.

3. Building Skills: I am not a storyteller. That is a big reason why there are almost no contents on this blog because writing is not just putting words together it is like opening your soul to someone and let them read your life. I always felt like I cannot do that. But in the last few days, I have read a lot and it has helped me to accept my faults and encouraged me to improve my writing skills. so I am going to try to be more open with you people here.

This period is going to bring a phenomenal change into my life and to this blog too. I am learning new things, trying new things and have decided to be more open and be myself. You can expect some interesting posts in the upcoming days. Let’s come out of this period stronger, more passionate and more like your true self.

Stay Safe Ladies! See you soon. Photo by La Miko from Pexels.

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