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How To Actually Make Use Of Your Spare Room

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It’s a real privilege to have a spare room that you can use however you want. But a lot of people end up letting that room go to waste. You might have plans for it when you first move in, but you can soon forget about them. Spare rooms often end up being underutilized, sometimes used as places to dump anything that doesn’t have a place anywhere else in the house. They can do so much more if only you can decide how to use them. Even a small room can still be useful, so why not take steps to reclaim your spare room?

Come Up with a Plan

The first thing you need to do is come up with a plan for your spare room. What exactly do you want to do with it? You need to start with some kind of idea so that you don’t just leave it empty once you’ve cleared it out. There are plenty of different things you can do with a spare room. It could just be a guest bedroom, but that’s likely to mean it doesn’t get used a lot. Instead, you might want to consider creating a space that will be more useful on a day-to-day basis. It could still double up as a guest room, but it could also be an office, home theater, or library.

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Clear Out the Clutter

It’s easy to just dump things in your spare room and forget about them. When you don’t have any other storage space, it’s only logical to use a room that’s not being used for anything else. But you’ll need to clear it out if you want to start using it again. Try looking for cheap storage units near me if you need some extra space to store your stuff. Storage units come in a range of sizes, so you can find one that suits your needs. Whether you need one temporarily or more permanently, it’s a good way to clear out some clutter.

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When your room is clear, you might want to start thinking about redecorating. While it’s definitely not an essential step, you have the chance to refresh the room if you want to. You could repaint if you want to change the color of the walls or maybe just breathe some new life into the room. There are other things you might want to think about if you’re redecorating too. Maybe you want to put in a new lighting fixture or swap out the door handle.

When choosing a style for your spare room, especially if you’re making it a guest room, you want to make it feel welcoming, and not too necessarily too bold or personalized. The warm, homespun charm of the Southwestern style, especially in pieces like Amish made furniture could lend the space just the kind of comfort that it needs. Of course, you want to choose a look that you like, first and foremost.

Find Your Furniture

If your room is ready to go, you can start bringing in furniture and other items. Hopefully, you know what you want to do with the room by now. If you want the room to pull double duty and serve a couple of different purposes, you might want to consider multifunctional furniture. Maybe you want it to be a den with a comfortable sofa, but also a spare bedroom for guests. Choosing a sofa bed makes sense if you want it to be a multipurpose room.

Don’t just use your spare room as a storage space. Put it to good use by transforming it into something else.

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