How to Calm an Excited Pet Pooch


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Every single dog owner likes to play with their new pet pooch. You run up and down together, you play chase, you play fetch, and it’s all in the name of burning off that energy and helping your dog to feel happy and excited. But sometimes that playfulness leads to hyperactivity, so keeping the dog calm can feel like a huge battle, especially if you have a dog that is known as an excitable breed.

A hyperactive dog can be hyperactive from anxiety or from a lack of exercise, but overplaying can also do it. You can buy calming bones for dogs but you do need to understand the root causes of that hyperactivity so that you can calm your pet pooch in an instant. Remember that your dog is super keen to please you, and being out of control is often something that shows that they don’t actually know how to impress you. When you play too much, they immediately go for aggressive play and that can be calmed down. Let’s take a look at how you can do it in a 4-step process.

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Step 1: Addressing the attention deficit

One of the most common causes of a hyperactive dog is not receiving enough attention. If you’re not playing with or walking your dog sufficiently, they may become hyperactive and require more attention due to anxiety. Assess how much time you spend on social media versus spending time with your dog and determine how much more love you could be giving your pet. 

Step 2: Lean into early training

Obedience training is essential if you want to be able to ensure that your dog is not overexcited. You want your dog to regulate its behavior and feel more secure. As dogs are pack animals, they’ll be looking to you to guide them and leave them, and as you are the owner, that’s exactly what you have to do. Dogs are very good at learning and they are very eager to please, so with the right training you can ensure that your pet is less excitable, not anxious and just happy to see you. 

Step 3: Try detox training

If you already have a trained dog, you can think about detox training as a way to stop them from becoming too overexcited. It’s never too late for your dog to learn new behaviors and take barking at people or others while on the leash that.Can be something that can be fixed. 

Step 4: Exercise your dog regularly

If you want to calm your excited dog, you need to take them out to burn off some of that energy. It sounds like an obvious one, but wearing a dog out can be one of the best ways that you can avoid too much hyperactivity and high energy. If you get them tired out from just one day of play time and exercise, you’re going to help them burn off any excess that could translate into anxiety or any particularly bad behavior later.

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