9 Positive Summer Vibes From Body to Mind

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Ok. I am going to be totally honest with you here, I need more positivity in my life and I know you do as well. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite brands for the summer in this amazing roundup of 9 Positive Summer Vibes From Body to Mind. Summer vibes can totally make or brake your mood but these brands will give you what you need to rock out the summer proudly.

Positive Summer Vibes: Embrace Your Body

This is one thing even as a blogger I have a super hard time with. Since on my new medication I have gained so much weight even though I eat like a rabbit. Yet, to be confident in your own skin is an entirely different post. These brands can help you feel more confident in your own skin and embrace your body and who you are.

Infamous Swim

Price: $69.00+ 

With Infamous Swim’s size-inclusive options from XS-3XL and mission to embrace the body you have plus bring awareness to body positivity no matter your size or stage in life, Infamous is the swimwear brand of the summer. They offer an array of styles to choose from for any body type and matching accessories like headbands and scrunchies made for the water! Even better, Infamous swim is famous for their matching swimwear collection for minis that is so adorable–plus, they have matching options for Dad! 

What I adore about this swim collection is that they understand that we are all not built the same. It’s a fact in life that we might be the same size but never look exactly alike. That is why you are unique. Infamous Swim wants you to embrace your body and uniqueness with they help of their amazing styles. I can tell you first hand that they have amazing quality swimwear and I will be taking images soon for the featured post on this because I really feel passionate about helping people find themselves and stop comparing ourselves to others.


Price: 8.00 +

Ok. So we all have boobies, glad we got that out of the way. Boomba is an amazing company the small-breasted to large, BOOMBA has your girls covered. BOOMBA’s patented double-sided adhesive inserts and nipple covers are summer must-haves from using them with bathing suits to tanks or even for those warm summer weddings. BOOMBA’s patented inserts are safe to use in sports and water activities. Even when sweaty, BOOMBA’s patented inserts stay in place by adhering to your top.

BOOMBA actually sent me a bit something different as their inserts sell out super fast, so they sent me the tape! OMG! I am loving this tape. As you all know I have RA, so putting on a bra is nearly impossible. This tape is amazing and so easy to use in so many ways. No matter if you are wearing a tank top, teeshirt, or anything, you can use this tape to keep those girls right where you want them.

As you also know about me I have breast implants, so not wearing a bra is super yucky for me. This tape is a total lifesaver and I will be wearing all the time now. It keeps my girls right in place. Even if they are heavy hangers.

Ellany Belts

Price: $45.00

The perfect accessory for any summer outfit, Ellany size-inclusive belts offer on-trend alloy metals of black, rose gold, silver or gold, which pair with a wide variety of chic prints reminiscent of summer days. Designed with imported elastic from Greece, Ellany belts will give you the comfort you never realized you were missing with a leather belt. No buckle bulge, no gap in the back of their pants, ultra-comfy AND machine washable, Ellany is THE perfect belt. One size fits most, going from 24″ to 65″ (Roughly size 3x).

BOXED Gift Co.

Price: $27.00-$100.00

You can be a little mind and body positive with the Summer Vibes set from BOXED Gift Co. that comes with goodies to help you care for your body but most importantly a little positive self-care is good for the mind, too! BOXED Gift Co. creates pre-curated boxes designed to make your buying experience fast, stress-free, and exciting. Each creation includes mindfully selected items, 90 percent of which come from small businesses that handmake their goods, ensuring your gift is truly crafted with some positive love and care. 
Summer Vibes includes:

  • Shore Soap Co: Endless Summer Body Scrub
  • Maui Soap Co: Coral Nail Lacquer
  • Libby Balm: Watermelon Mint Lip Balm
  • Emma Flhair: Tie Dye Scrunchie
  • Earth Harbor: Beach Waves Hair Texturizing Spray
  • Root Naturals: Sand Soaking Salts
  • Keepsake Kraft Box


Price: Varies

From Soo’AE’s Fresh Tangerine Serum to Soothing Aloe Gels and Hemp Dreams Oil Mist, there is plenty to choose from to care for your face and body after a long day in the sun. Soo’AE is made up of green, clean K-BEAUTY products that are vegan, natural, and cruelty-free from your skin to your hair. Ingredient-focused and affordable, Soo’AE blends luxury and affordability while pioneering new and innovative approaches to skincare. 

Available at CVS, Walmart, Ulta, Walgreens, Amazon and more

Positive Summer Vibes: Outdoor Style

So positivity does not just come from what you where but the items you use. I wanted to share with you a couple of amazing products for summer just to help you make the most of the day as you can.


Price: $49.99

Protecting your skin is essentially body positivity 101. U-Stand, the world’s most versatile umbrella stand is here to do just that. The U-Stand is designed as part container, part umbrella stand, and part cup holder — making it the must-have item for all your next trip outdoors. T

he all-in-one product holds your gear and is easy to transport with its convenient shoulder strap. The U-Stand is made with durable, UV-protected plastic and will fit any umbrella, ranging from resort-grade wood poles to the standard beach umbrella. No more rogue umbrellas flying across the way, only reliable shade with U-Stand’s convenient solution for shade anywhere.

U-stand is my most favorite outdoor item this season. My father literally goes to the beach all the time and when I saw this I thought about hime. It is so simple to use and functional.

Keep your skin (and planet!) happy this summer with OLITA. As an EWG-verifiedbrand, OLITA handles all sun care needs. Offering mineral sunscreen options and the popular Beach Be Gone sand remover body powder, there is no need to go anywhere else when stocking up for the family this summer.

There is nothing harmful in any of these organic products – not for you or coral reefs. OLITA was awarded EWG’s safest sunscreen for kids and babiesin 2020 and 2021 as well as Parent Magazine’s safest sunscreen for kids in 2021. OLITA also donates 10% of every purchase to ocean conservation by partnering with the Coral Reef Alliance. That’s protection with a purpose.

Positive Summer Vibes: In The Home

My last pick is a no brainer and I can’t wait to try this out myself, but I have heard so many wonderful things!

Being mindful of what you put in your body is just as important. With Uber’s Sorbet and Frozen Ice Cream/Yogurt Maker you can still eat what you want but know it’s positively good for you too. Uber Appliances Sorbet maker is quick and easy to use with 3 simple steps and you can have a little fun being creative making your favorite frozen treats with ease this summer. 

  • Recipe book included with healthy options 
  • 4 pc popsicle mold for treats to be enjoyed later 


Price: $4.99/mo or $39.99/year (Free week trial available for users – Free year access for coverage consideration) 

Speaking of a positive mindset, Wondergrade helps parents do just that with skills on how to navigate certain emotional aspects littles experiences through life including their body image. With Summer here, girls especially experience loads of emotions and how they feel about themselves and their bodies (of course, boys too!) Created by a mom and former nurse, Wondergrade was created to aid child development with lessons in meditation, self-regulation and mindful movement exercises. The app provides tools for both parents and children to help handle life’s tricky moments. 
Available on Apple App Store & Android Google Play 

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